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The Ceremonial Morning Fire on Pantelleria

20 August

inside a good feather
the heart may float
freedom coming from emptiness
fullness is a river
drowning the fire
roaring through its sacred silence
inside a good feather there is a moment
of emptiness
a moment without blame
a moment where nothing is missing

(Sacred Fire of Pantelleria)
Havana Club
I was suddenly surprised to realize that I can know the products of Cuba here in Italy. First up was some unusual named Rum Cubano at my DR's house. He suddenly appeared with this brown, elegant bottle and looking at the label realized it was cuban rum. I had a Cuban cigar a few years ago but am not really a cigar man. And probably I carried it around and smelled it and touched it for a few months out of the humidor before I ever fired it up. But this Cuban rum was like a carmelized kiss and yet a little saucy with a warm jolt. I was cautious but willing to flavor across my palette some of the essence of Cuba. Now a few days later I sit doing my computer work on a hot hot day and sipping Cuban rum in a large wine glass. As always a lot of new things keep coming to pass. Presently the information may be about the house and it being sold; of course we would have to find another place. The emotion of letting this place goes go turns out to be very strong for Silvia and I. …

Pretending to be.......

The fantasy that you can be a shaman appears to be nearly of epidemic proportions inside western cultures. It seems based on the following theme:

Let us kill all the indians, then we can use their drums and songs and feathers and then we will be the indians.

Pretending to be something is not a new dimension in western culture.

The fantasy that you can be a shaman unfortunately appears to be nearly of epidemic proportions inside western cultures.

For example, here on Pantelleria, the island at one time was incredibly rich in obsidian. Even today much of the island is composed of an ore blend of obsidian and basaltic stone...not so flashy as the pure obsidian. Answer...pretend. The only local man who is an artist here imports obsidian from Mexico and sells it as Obsidian of Pantelleria....because it is on Pantelleria I guess, he feels he is not saying anything incorrect and is quick to remind you that this good Mexican obsidian is very much like the obsidian found in the past on Pantelle…

Polishing the Soul

Yesterday, while hiking in a very remote part of Pantelleria, Sicily, we met two americans. I am an American Indian living here with my wife, who has been living here 10 years. We said hello to these two men, possibly a father and his older son. Naturally being well-mannered, we gave him our names. When he heard my rather american indian name he immeditaely began asking me about 20 racial, racist question: am i a full blood? is your blood from your mother or father? and other questions I have already emptied my mind of. Hello, I meet you out here in the wilderness and youy choose to not tell me your name or say anything friendly but to calmy grill me on the contents of my blood? He spoke without drama....without animation, like he was asleep.

To tell you the truth, I barely noticed and while I had an impulse to say something corrective or express my disappointment in this behavior, I was patient and kind to him. I am so used to this. Only from Americans do you get this behavior. I am s…

Sacred Space: Ancient Space: The Ancient Future

I have stopped my ordinary life and now it is this work which will carry me to the end of my life. I am an old Indian man making a ceremony around the earth.

Building a sacred circle around this earth takes time.... time, step by step and part by part to build something precious and beautiful. Each person who shares in these ceremonies is becoming part of the building, the structure and energy of what we will have when it is finished.

Creator has given us a new world, yet also one that is dangerously dominated by old policies and systems...Over these many centuries people brought new religious thinking and scientific tools into the world community. Now the Sacred Pipe is moving in this world community.The sacred pipe ceremonies brings humanity to the center of these many philosophies and knowledge systems which have progressed humanity. Sacred Pipe is a teaching at the center of all these worlds, the 8 worlds of human history that has taken us to this is a teaching about l…

Turtle Heart published in Poetry Anthology

Turtle Heart was recently published with 4 poems in "Traces in Blood, Bone and Stone" an anthology of Ojibway Poetry edited by Kimberly Blaeser. This book is available from