Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Equinox Twenty Thirteen (Spring ) || Drum Song

©2013 Turtle Heart. Pantelleria sweat lodge in progress.

equinox drum song

eight eagles circle above my head
how did this happen
i hear someone say
only silence is the answer

this old drum
threads my heart into the earth
the mother earth
as I sing and boom, boom, boom

my soul moves 
finds the rain
feeding me, finding me
yet another root of the sacred tree

(I pass from here to there)

To the old American Indians, an equinox or solstice is considered a gateway, an opening. Alignment to nature, to its forces and quantum's, was a high art of conscious awareness. Being aware of the precise nature of the cycles of creation allowed many of them to attain an elevated consciousness which they expressed as productive, interesting and prosperous life styles. They were saying that one consequence of conscious awareness of nature is a better life.

For decades now, I have created and or participated in focused ceremonies with drums, sacred pipes, eagle feathers, ceremonial fires, and other spiritual instruments of my Ojibwe culture at these moments. After so many of them, it seems as if they have become the stepping stones that line the path of my life. I can measure my adventures, milestones, sorrows and victories by these quarterly spiritual pauses, where I seek alignment to the most fundamental shifts in the cycles of nature. It is a good thing.

I take these ceremonial moments in real time. I do not do them the day before, or the weekend after them. If I am working, I take time off from my work. If a boss was against it, I quit the boss. 

I do these ceremonies at the precise moments. These precise moments are easy, in modern times, to calculate. There are many newspapers, almanacs, science, and other sources that will tell you in advance the precise moments of a solstice or equinox. 

The spring equinox in twenty thirteen, on Pantelleria Island is pretty much at high noon. There we gather around a small fire, called a morning tobacco fire, and do the simple and ancient ceremony of placing tobacco into the fire. Tobacco was first used by North America Indians as an offering to the sacred forces of nature, in this way. It is a simple and powerful ceremony, the cornerstone of my yearly travel through this life.

I always write a poem just before each solstice or equinox ceremony. This has become my personal tradition.

As a gateway moment, there are no shortcuts. The precise moment of the equinox or solstice is an actual event, measurable and quantifiable. Doing the ceremony at any other moment is a waste of time, a pointless exercise. Yet most of the people in the world, if they honor these moments in any form at all, they do not use the precise moment. They use the paymaster clock on the wall. They do it before or after work.

As an entirely free moment provided by the creation’s natural cycles, it is interesting to me how many millions of people get it wrong and fail to pay attention at all to the point of the exercise.

Alignment is not abstract. It is a physical act, (art) in real time, on the real earth. We are spiritual beings who live in physical forms on the material earth.

The little tobacco fire at the solstice and equinox is open to every person, of every religion, lifestyle, political party, race, or social standing. To the Ojibwe, it was called “the first ceremony”. It is a moment of absolute equality that is not in conflict with any government, religion, state or office. It is compatible with all beliefs. This precious opportunity of purity and reason, this sacred idea, is the product of ancient American Indian culture. It is a very good thing. It is one of the few spiritual ceremonies in the world that is traditionally open to every person.

So, tonight (19 March), we go into the Sweat Lodge, Ohnijewin, and say goodbye to the long winter, goodbye to what might have been or could have been or should have been. We will take responsibility for our lives, for both our right and our obligation to move forward in balance. Tomorrow at the high noon and in a visible manner, we will be ready when the gateway opens and pass from here to there.

Spring Equinox Twenty Thirteen
20 March: 12:01 PM, CET, Pantelleria Island, Italy

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tiny Ghosts || Chris Wallace and the Afterlife of the Republican Party

Americans love a crash…they love crazy people doing crazy things. This is why Fox news is so popular, and this fact is often overlooked. 

The truth and being reasonable can be so boring to so many Americans, themselves leading rather boring lives. I remember when I was in high school all the “really cool” kids were jocks or rebels or trouble makers…they were not the good kids doing good work and working for the truth. Nothing has changed when we transfer American TV viewing habits over to the so-called adult world of broadcast news. Fox wins because it is filled with trouble makers, clowns, liars, and bad kids who like throwing trash around more than they like the boring truth. So, the nightly train wreck of the truth, the nightly murder of reason, is very popular. Fox News has never been “fair and balanced”, it has always been about the phony outrage and the misdirection of the truth…always. They know what really sells.

Enter tiny Little Chris Wallace…a man who daily disgraces the memory of his father while pandering to those who believe whining, whimpering and groveling are good entertainment. No one whines and cries better than little Chris Wallace. Representing America’s fascination with losers, more than in its interest in actual talent, Wallace continues to be put forward as the tiny little voice which whimpers on behalf of legendary losers like Mitt Romney,  and other heroes of the fear and loathing social set which daily insults and damages the search for reason in the United States….for no better reason than its entertainment value.

The great book, Hubris, which I highly recommend, shows us, at its conclusions, that the liars who brought us to war in Iraq were all rewarded with board positions, book publishing deals and other platinum perks which used to be reserved for our best. Wallace is a living, sterling example of how incompetence and cowardice in the face of the quest for truth is rewarded, praised and promoted. Proof that there are no consequences for being inept, for telling lies, for being hysterically and historically wrong on a daily basis. Most American understand that O’Reilly is a bully, an intimidating punk of a journalist, while Hannity is the greasy, slick heckler who never listens to what anyone is actually saying, and uses his so-called “guests” as props in his rantings for the sake of entertainment. Only Wallace, it seems, is disguised as a so-called serious journalist. He is so tiny and timid in real life, that Fox goes out of its way to showcase his timid and whimpering interviews of suspected losers of the political right. Wallace is  an engineered counterpoint to the more gangsterism styles of O’Reilly and Hannity so they can continue to hide the truth and manipulate the floundering political right. The camera angles are carefully chosen so we cannot see how diminutive Wallace really is. Of course it is not his miniature size that sets him apart, in my view, but the tiny, miniature stature of his journalistic cowardice.

It was no accident that loser Romney “chose” Wallace for his first “serious” post election interview. O’Reilly would have bullied and pointed his big finger at him, Hannity, as usual would not have listened to a single word he and his strange wife had to say, so that really only left Wallace. The Big Blonde, whatever her name is, on Fox is just a news reader, I have never seen her actually interview anyone.

I don’t actually ever watch Fox News…but there is no need to watch it, all the other news organizations quote Fox and refer to it all day and all night. A practice I find rather strange. They do this with the drug addict R. Limbaugh as well, reporting on his pain-killing-drugs induced rants on a daily basis. This all seems to underline the tragic nature of Fox News, their pronouncements and general behavior are so tragic, the regular news has to be interrupted as if to say, “OMG, this is what happened over there today”…

I put Wallace forward for this rant because, in his body language, and sometimes even in his eyes, you can see that he knows better. He occasionally lets the truth slip out, like an unexpected fart. 

His father, the late Mike Wallace was a really honest journalist, a real reporter, a man who would never have worked for Fox News. Mike Wallace was not perfect, but he was clearly a journalist of the old school who tried hard to do his job without stretching the truth or being a shill for the clear agenda of hate and fear which drives Fox News at its core. He was not a manipulator, and you never heard him whine and cry and whimper the way his disappointing son does on a daily basis. Mike Wallace believed in an honest day’s work. His son has never, it seems, even done a days work. Fox News loons read from scripts and teleprompters, they rarely, except by accident, express original thoughts. It is all an orchestrated act. 

I also put the little Chris Wallace up because maybe one day he might grow up and search for the legacy left him by his father and walk away from the catastrophic disaster to the truth represented by Fox News. But, I’m not holding my breath.

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