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Equinox Twenty Thirteen (Spring ) || Drum Song

equinox drum song
eight eagles circle above my head how did this happen i hear someone say only silence is the answer
this old drum threads my heart into the earth the mother earth as I sing and boom, boom, boom
my soul moves  finds the rain feeding me, finding me yet another root of the sacred tree
(I pass from here to there)
To the old American Indians, an equinox or solstice is considered a gateway, an opening. Alignment to nature, to its forces and quantum's, was a high art of conscious awareness. Being aware of the precise nature of the cycles of creation allowed many of them to attain an elevated consciousness which they expressed as productive, interesting and prosperous life styles. They were saying that one consequence of conscious awareness of nature is a better life.
For decades now, I have created and or participated in focused ceremonies with drums, sacred pipes, eagle feathers, ceremonial fires, and other spiritual instruments of my Ojibwe culture at these moments. After so many …

Tiny Ghosts || Chris Wallace and the Afterlife of the Republican Party

Americans love a crash…they love crazy people doing crazy things. This is why Fox news is so popular, and this fact is often overlooked. 
The truth and being reasonable can be so boring to so many Americans, themselves leading rather boring lives. I remember when I was in high school all the “really cool” kids were jocks or rebels or trouble makers…they were not the good kids doing good work and working for the truth. Nothing has changed when we transfer American TV viewing habits over to the so-called adult world of broadcast news. Fox wins because it is filled with trouble makers, clowns, liars, and bad kids who like throwing trash around more than they like the boring truth. So, the nightly train wreck of the truth, the nightly murder of reason, is very popular. Fox News has never been “fair and balanced”, it has always been about the phony outrage and the misdirection of the truth…always. They know what really sells.
Enter tiny Little Chris Wallace…a man who daily disgraces the me…