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Old Red Dusty Bones

Seven Impossible Things
Once Served by Dusty Old Indian Men

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Once upon a time I tried to get my keyboard which is bluetooth to mate with my new mac desktop. It would not. I originally mated it with my macbook pro. It did that in a few clicks and works great. Seemed to me a bluetooth device should be able to mate with several objects, yes? well it would not. Recently I cam home and propmptly dropped it on my italian ceramic tile floor. It came to me at that moment to try it again and it mated right away. This blog this session is being typed the bluetooth keyboard. No cable. Not orgasmic but pretty damned nice to jump away from the cable.

A science fiction writer i never cared much for, but who nevertheless has a ponderous and legitimate following and I would never argue he is for or against good or bad. I never care for people based upon something electrical and chemical which is my feedback mechanism for where I will go and where I will not go.

Anyway, this clever sumnab…