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Mazzacane | and the final draft of the book is finished

Writing the Book

My attention in these last weeks has been directed entirely at finishing a book about my life with Sacred Pipe. At the moment the initial draft is finished and soon it will be sent for copyright registration.

It has taken two years to write this book. The last four months it has taken many hours each day to work to bring it home.

There has never been a book written in the first person by an American Indian on this subject. It makes sense that the first effort in this direction would be from someone like me. I have spent my life under the direction of my tribal elders. I have held the form without surrender or compromise.

The gigantic mountain of trash on these sacred subjects which is regurgitated on the internet and in the few published works available have contributed one notable factor to the truth about tribal sacred matters: confusion.

Readers who find my book will not be confused. Clarity in intent and delivery has been the abiding rule I established in my relations…