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Steve Jobs || American Indian Friend

At the end of the article is the last email I sent to Steve Jobs, this last August. So much emotion being expressed and felt by so many people. A very unusual thing. Two days later I still feel a strong emotion myself. Some years ago I was struggling near the region of Death Valley, to develop what was the first American Indian WWW presence, in the world. My work caught the eye of a field representative for Apple and he paid me a visit. After it was over, Apple donated a state of the art laptop and color scanner to my project, which really took off. In return I did a large stone sculpture which was for some years in the lobby of the Apple Regional HQ in Santa Monica. A view of it is in the photo above. He once said, "It is more fun to be a pirate than to be a sailor"....this spirit is one we shared, at least until the iphone came out. Steve Jobs passed away. I think millions of people around the world feel closer to death. He was a King of the Golden Tower and also its Shining Pr…

Vietnam || The Tragic Legacy of Monsanto and Agent Orange

People and Power || Children of Agent Orange

Follow the link to the documentary airing now on Aljazeera/English. 

Agent Orange, a dioxin-based compound, was sprayed relentlessly over the once lush forests of Vietnam. Even now, so many years later, the rich bio-diversity of this wildlife paradise has not recovered.

The United States government left behind many families who have given birth, over 3 generations now, to heart breaking deformities in their children. the financial, emotional and psychological cost of these health problems on the families and communities is enormous.

Monsanto, the corporation which made the most money from this chemical has done nothing and blocked, at great expense, any effort by anyone to hold them accountable for this horrific consequence of their product. The US Government has done next to nothing. World aid agencies have done next to nothing. The Vietnam government is over-whelmed, the Vietnam medical system is over-whelmed. The United States media could…