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Making Heaven My Home : Goodbye Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou  April 24 1928 everyday right up to    May 28 2014.
a farewell poem  by Turtle Heart, Ojibwe artist

“I am on my way to make my home in Heaven I am on my way to make my home in Heaven”
She was always home, She was never alone Wherever her dreams have carried her She looked the world in its worldly eye She remembered to thank God Even when she waited alone For the wind to carry her where her soul was born Going home into the open arms of the earth Going home through a gateway of hearts and bones And sorrow and hope and courage And just clarity and kindness A sacred woman Sacred woman who watched over us As we stumble along in this dangerous world
Mother, won’t you remember me? Mother, I am closer to that light From the open eyed place where you found me Mother my song is wrapped around me And my heart growing inside of me And my sorrow My sorrow right now Ready to become gratitude Just that simple Just that much love and respect For where she was, who she was And what she found out When she looked at me

Sacred Women of Nigeria || Broken Mother's Day Twenty Fourteen

A question I have not heard addressed: if (when) the young women kidnapped in Nigeria are “rescued” and returned to their families, what will become of them? Many muslim influenced cultures consider a woman involved in any sort of scandal to be at fault and they are punished by cultural reactions to their “condition”, as having brought shame on the family. What is to become of them?
It is far easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. That is a quote said by someone who knows the truth (I forget who). Words that have always stayed with me. I do a form of American Indian ceremonial work that is designed and intended to produce large amounts of positive energy. These ceremonies are very diverse, yet all of them we do today are in a class we call “Correction Ceremonies”. Most American Indian ceremonies are designed to open a gateway of perception and understanding between human beings and nature. When that connection is lost, things go wrong. Our health suffers. If th…