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Leonard Peltier || A Scam that keeps on Scamming

The Leonard Peltier scam keeps on giving. It has a new ambition, the ear of President of the United States, one Barack Black Eagle Obama.

Presently a man has been presenting a petition on-line, in cooperation with Looking Horse,Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Sacred Pipe of the Lakota Nation. His bizarre petition can be found here. I encourage readers to enter comments against this petition at the site.

They want to meet with US President Obama. Do they want to ask the US to help with the rampaging violence, alcoholism, rape, unemployment suicides and poverty, elder abuse, child sexual abuse, violence against women, illiteracy and mountains of other problems which is the daily life of the Plains Tribal nations?


They want Obama to let convicted murderer and gangster Leonard Peltier out of prison. This is the big and most important issue for these crazy people behind this petition. Peltier is serving a life sentence for the assassination of two FBI agents. Freeing this gangster i…
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Finish the book

After two years of work I have completed a book about the nature of sacred pipe and the philosophy of American Indian ritual that is best described as the shrinking path. Commentaries on the teachings of the shrinking path. That is the subtext, but not the title.

A few days before the book was finished at last, I turned 60 years.

I bought myself a $1,000 pipe lighter. Palladium. Very well made, beautiful. A little reward that I can carry around in my pocket for the next sixty years. I will use it to light the morning tobacco fire.

Here on Pantelleria Island, we are in the season of the wind. She is known as the Daughter of the Wind. When I knew that this island was known as this elegant and powerful name by the ancient ones, it brought me a lovely feeling. What better place for an old American Indian to reflect, write and prepare himself to take Sacred Pipe around this mother earth. There is so much peace, so many sweet people. It has been a r…