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Keeping a Light on the Sacred Bundle

The candles here in Italy for altar and religious work are the most horrible, nasty candles I have ever seen. It is perverse that they are so bad. They are made with cheap plastic containers with a metal cap. They cannot be recycled. They are truly horrible.
We keep a candle with the sacred pipe bundle at all times. To overcome the problem we have with these nasty candles, we are starting a candle donation program.
You can donate one or several candles to the sacred pipe. We will send you an email and tell you when your candles is being used.
You can send the candle for yourself or anyone in your life. Also send a candle for a special request or prayer. Prayers, songs and ceremonies take place every day in this sacred space.
Donate today and in the future.
Candle should burn 3 days or longer. No plastic. Unscented if possible.
No plastic candles. Help us keep the light moving around and pick some up for yourself.
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American Indians and the Palestinians

From time to time the western media likes to report that this or that American Indian is hooked up with Palestinian and Hammas causes, also some like to mention how this or that American Indian supports Chavez, the mafia boss of a South American country. In all my many years of association with and participation in American Indian life I have never met a single tribal relation who supports Palestine or any of the violent Middle East groups and policies. Nobody. The only ones who come up in these associations are people identified as “AIM” (American Indian Movement) members. AIM has been and remains completely discredited among American Indians as a group. Its leadership has been shown to be cowards, killers and gangsters. The only passion for which they retain some small talent is in getting their names and faces into the media. Palestinian support organizations may feel they get to use the plight of American Indians to poke and poison the dialogue on the United States. American Indians …