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Solstice Summer : A Great Human Heart

Just after midnight I gathered with friends and relatives near to the precise moment of the summer solstice. Together we made songs and used old indian rattles and sttod with our feet on the mother earth, around a stone medicine wheel, drinking blue corn and water. Passing through the sky, the old timers called it. 
Passing through the sky, singing in my middle.
For 3 days prior, before, we made drumming and songs, ate together ceremonial foods, and talked about the mystery life of sacred pipe, eagle feathers, drums, songs, names and human hearts.
The Moon was full and round, a “Ripe Berries Moon”. A moon good for wild goats and strong songs. For looking up at the sky, for seeing Mars and Jupiter. A brief alignment, a portal perhaps, at least from within a state of mind…projected and focused through the ceremony.
Alignment is the entire practical point of a ceremony. The root of the ceremony you could say. The Ahnishinabeg suggests there are eight levels of consciousness possible in ce…