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The Nest of An Eagle

Pieces of news || The World Journey has a new home As of now, the World Journey now owns the home of the sacred fire and the nest of the Four Directions Unity Bundle Sacred Pipe. We have purchased the house and land. Now we are home. A long time now the sacred bundle has longed for a home. So here we are, just miles from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Sicilia, at home with what the Arabic ancestors of this island called "the daughter of the wind". We are scheduling appointments for private work in our home. This will close up pretty soon. Starting in July, there will be direct flights from all over Italy to Pantelleria. About 85 minutes flying time. This will go on until the middle of September.

I express and feel a deep gratitude to the mystery life for this new home for the work. Twenty-Eleven feels like my kind of year. Fragments of Italiano|| Coffee in Italy If you put more than half the cup, the tiny espresso cup, with coffee, the Italian do not like it. If you want more than half …