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American Indian Saint? || No Thank You

As an Ojibway American Indian I hope that the Mohawk Nation will consider refusing this dubious honor. 
Given the murderous, genocidal policies and abuse of American Indians by the Catholic Church, it is in my view an intense hypocrisy of the church to make this move. American Indians have their own traditional religions that continue to exist even today. Tribe do not need any favors from the Catholic Church. The absolute best response of the American Indian community would be to refuse this phony honor. 
This is especially true these days with this so-caled Pope sitting at the head of a corrupt criminal organization. Not one American Indian will receive any benefit from this move. The church will use it to excuse and ignore its centuries of abuse towards all indigenous peoples in the world. The Borgia Pope was the boss there when the Europeans first encountered American Indians. He issued a Papal Bull that these tribal people had no souls. He did this so they could be sold …