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The Arab Awakening and the American Indian Movement

I can see clearly how the recent so-called Arab Awakening has been driven by the awareness and frustrations of young people who can see the world around them. I see also how important communication, and in particular internet communications, have driven this great arousal in North Africa and the Middle East. I find myself wondering when American Indians might choose to have such an awakening. It embrasses me that they have not. In the 1970s there was a fierce movement, called the American Indian Movement. It awakened a lot of American Indians, almost all of them at that time. The public attentions, money, and criminal nature of their leadership quickly destroyed in corruption and meaningless violence what could have been something great…it was not. The leadership of AIM revealed themselves as criminals, cry babies, and self-promoting wanna be cultural heroes. And the tribes again fell silent, for most of 20 years now we hear nothing from the American Indian such as we are hearing from …