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Armani, Obsidian, Pantelleria and Turtle Heart

Armani, the well-known Armani, has a well-known but very private home here on Pantelleria. I believe he has had this home here for many years.I have a firm feeling that he really loves this island. I have seen him walking alone in the village and he has the air of a man enjoying what he is breathing and seeing. I sense reflection. People do not bother him here. I hear no angry talk about him anywhere. There are many famous Italians here on Pantelleria.

Armani has teamed up with L'Oreal to make an expensive skin cream of which the primary active ingredient is the Obsidian of Pantelleria. This is a very interesting development. I wonder if he is pimping the island? I wonder if maybe, there is something in this soil of Pantelleria, something with good news for the health and energy of some of the people who come here.

I carve the stones of Pantelleria. I use diamond grinding tools and make sculptures of most of the volcanic stones that can be found here. There is a lot of obsidian in…

Laptop Computer and American Indian Ancient Futures

Apple Computer powers the World Journey of the Sacred Pipe.

The newest of the Macintosh (Apple, Inc) laptops, a 17 inch MacBook Pro is the command station for the World Journey of the Sacred Pipe. Way back around 1987 I met a field represenative from Apple Computer, his name was Richard. In these days there was almost nothing on the Internet. Richard was working out of Los Angeles and they had just moved in to new offices in the MGM Building in Santa Monica. I suggested that I would trade a sculpture for the lobby of the new offices for a new Apple Computer. It was just a whim of a question. Up until that time I was using a gigantic computer running Windows 3.1. Well, he agreed to talk to his boss an later he said his boss said it was ok and I traded Apple Computer 3 sculptures and one painting for a Powerbook 540c laptop (the absolute state of the art at that moment), and an AppleOne Color Scanner.

For the next several years I made internet and American Indian history and established …

Coucil On A Volcano

Note: A sweat lodge on the rim of a smoldering volcano in Sicily

Silence is such a drag
An insult
Against the mystery life
A kind of death
Where we pretend we don't matter to each other
A lie told inside our minds
Because some things
For a moment
Just don't make sense
The silence of the women
Of the leaders
Of the children
Is not noble
It is only silence
Only in the dead world
Is this
Possible.......(Part 2)...singing
those song lines
it is impossible to lie
impossible to not reveal
what is true
impossible to hide
what must be known....and so we sing
those songlines
and reveal
always what is right
what is sacred
always what must be known
when it is time
to know what must be known
and so we sing
and our refuge is the song
the lines
we become children
of the light of what can be known
and the rest
resting there in your imagination
is not important

(the circle of light and life)

Where are the Elders? The Teachers of the Sacred?

Among the many questions I hear from modern people; they ask me when will the elders come to make teachings in the world and help the people? As I have discussed in other articles, it is the permission and direction of the tribal elders which determine who and when and where sacred teachings, sacred ceremonies will take place.

I find it surprising at some levels that people would expect the elders to come and see them. I was asked years ago to make a pipe for a man who made sweat lodges for a small tribe in Washington state. The lady who asked me was a sweet indian lady, I liked her very much. She told me this man was leading sweat lodges for her people and they all wanted to reward him and thought having a pipe made for him was a good idea. I agreed to do this but told her I would have to meet the man first. She told me a date when there would be a ceremony and invited me to come. On the day I showed up the scene was unreal. It looked like a giant party with kids and food and dogs ev…

Many Kinds of Sacred Pipes

Walking In Beauty
Awake Inside a Sacred Dream
I remember who I was
I remember where I was going
My heart was eaten by the winds
My heart was torn into four parts
I have gone all around myself
I have gathered myself
recovered myself
I have heard them say
it could happen in just this way

Some people have heard of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe. This very sacred object is an ancient sacred pipe bundle belonging to a specific group of Sioux Indians of the Northern Plains. This particular sacred pipe is described very well in the book "Black Elk Speaks", which has been translated into many languages.

Some Ojibway people believe White Buffalo Calf Woman was a sacred woman of the Ojibway people whom we called "Sky Woman". Sky Woman was a great sacred spirit who has many teachings in our history. The Sacred Pipe of the Ojibway People goes back in time to possibly over 10,000 years. The White Buffalo calf Woman Sacred Pipe is about 800 years old. Arvol Looking Horse is said to be th…

The Privilege of Freedom

The Privilege of Freedom
Many Native American people are opposed to any kind of spiritual action in the modern world. On the other hand many old ceremonies, such as the Sun Dance, are up for grabs to modern people as long as they pay money for the privelage. The once sacred internal american indian only Sun Dance has had a new awakening as a way to make money for the dirt poor indians of the n orthern plains. I have mixed feelings about all of this. If hungry and rather desperate indians think they can make a living by selling off their sacred traditions, then I am willing to respect their freedom of choice I guess.

There is often a lot of nasty talk about these matters. Many Indian people of earlier generations who made some attempt to carry the sacred ideas into the modern world were talked about as criminals, as phonies and liars and thieves. I am not sure what they say about me and my work. In general I have protected myself and my work by ensuring that I sought out the council and …