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Global Warming For Dummies

When I was in the seventh grade, at Johnson Park Elementary School in Columbus Ohio, I argued in science class. We had a good science teacher that year. Can’t remember his name and I am sorry for that. His class was my favorite at that school.
I remember arguing at that time (1962, 1963?) that as we keep building cities and factories etc, etc., we are going to overheat and fill the atmosphere with toxic chemicals. I remember the science teacher thought my argument was a good one. No one in the class disagreed. I drew on the chalkboard a circle representing the earth and kept adding dots representing heat and emissions producing objects. The result was obvious. Case closes.
The arguments against grave climate change in the immediate future are made by people who get their paycheck for saying this is not true. It is that vile, that dangerously self-serving. Prominent voices in the rational arguments about climate change are targeted for sophisticated efforts to discredit them by any means…

50 years : The Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act : What Happened to the Indians?

"Why am I treated so bad"?....Doctor King's favorite song (Staples Singers).

American Indians are never included in any of these so-called historical events. These days, and rightly so, we are commenting upon the 50th year since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. 
LBJ was an awesome figure. I sometimes wonder if some of the tribes down there in Texas had a name for him.Tribal drummers from a number of tribes did a memorial drumming for Nixon, down there as close to his funeral the government would let them get. About LBJ I never heard anything like that. And I have read the books written by Robert Cato on his life. A great work, an important work to consult for detailed information on this period. Like many others, I am waiting for the fourth volume. Keep going Mr. Cato.
The United States government is presented to us by a diverse media. What we see and read is prepared for us, like a meal on a plate. Some do a better job than others. In any event we are limited to their o…