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Anna Mae Pictou Aquash || Murdered by the American Indian Movement

For most politically aware American Indians, the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash by the leadership of the so-called American Indian Movement (AIM), and participated in by convicted murderer Leonard Peltier, is a well known, open wound.
The continuously clueless and lazy MSM occasionally runs stories about the AIM people. They never get it right. They never look beneath the surface. They never ask questions. Thereby the average reader never finds out any useful or accurate information about American Indians. We are the forgotten minority, three million of us. It seems like a large number but it is not. It is such a small percentage of the American population that we are nearly, in practical terms, invisible.
All these years later I am still hoping for arrests in her murder. Today I discovered photographs of her two daughters visiting her grave. These photos make me weep. Ana Mae was a sterling American Indian woman. Her murder illustrates with crystal clarity the contempt and rage co…

Culture of Shoot To Kill || Death Of A Mother in DC

So many talking heads, from US Senators, to educated journalists, to paid “experts”, praised the “very well trained” police who could not figure out how to stop a speeding car…so they shot her to death. Where is the “very well trained” there?
You ever notice when we see video of these increasingly violent incidents how utterly obese most of these “very well trained” police are? What is up with that? Anyone with a gun and working eyes can shoot you to death. No training involved. After seeing many police officers shoot dozens of bullets and hit only innocent, we can also ask questions about their aim as well.
I am really not satisfied or prepared to compliment the police for shooting this woman to death. Maybe I am the only one. I keep watching technology advances, participated in and witnessed really impressive advanced training about what to do and how to act in a crises. I have witnessed educated and armed people discussing the importance and trainable ability to shoot to stop, wit…

Italian Justice, A Failure of Democracy || Amanda Knox

If you think things are looking grim in the United States, you could be living in Italy where so many things are cast in gog and arrogant posturing. To the slow, lingering death throes of disgraced and convicted felon Silvio Berlusconi, to the collapse of a working government, austerity and now, as well, a loose canon; a disgraced prosecutor, who worships the limelight, is starting another tragic court trial. By crafting intentional lies, twisting meaningless moments into sinister behavior and playing on the paranoia of the population, an Italian prosecutor is using everything except the truth this week.
It is nearly unbelievable that Amanda Knox is being “re-tried” in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Double Jeopardy means nothing in the Italian constitution. The courts seem free to make it up as they go along. In a country where vast volumes of over-whelming factual evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Silvio Berlusconi is a criminal, a bag man of the Mafia, a serial abuser…