Friday, October 25, 2013

Anna Mae Pictou Aquash || Murdered by the American Indian Movement

For most politically aware American Indians, the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash by the leadership of the so-called American Indian Movement (AIM), and participated in by convicted murderer Leonard Peltier, is a well known, open wound.

The continuously clueless and lazy MSM occasionally runs stories about the AIM people. They never get it right. They never look beneath the surface. They never ask questions. Thereby the average reader never finds out any useful or accurate information about American Indians. We are the forgotten minority, three million of us. It seems like a large number but it is not. It is such a small percentage of the American population that we are nearly, in practical terms, invisible.

All these years later I am still hoping for arrests in her murder. Today I discovered photographs of her two daughters visiting her grave. These photos make me weep. Ana Mae was a sterling American Indian woman. Her murder illustrates with crystal clarity the contempt and rage cowards like Russell Means, Dennis Banks, the Robideaux brothers, the Bellecourt brothers, Leonard Peltier and all the other so-called men of the AIM leadership display towards American Indian women.

The daughters of Ana Mae speak out every day across facebook, across blogs and press releases about the cowards and liars who claim to be leaders in the AIM and other American Indian political movements. They are really courageous. With every line they post you can feel the loss they feel of loosing their amazing and beautiful mother. They are determined to never go silent, determined to ask questions every day, determined to call out the fools who operate the money machine and spin culture of the coward Leonard Peltier. These Sacred Daughters are the real warriors. But the MSM never talks to them. They like to talk to a flatulent Dennis Banks who has done nothing for anybody but continues to be a celebrated “leader” by the MSM.

It is rather sad that those few times when the media decide to tell their readers and viewers about American Indians it is more often than not about these scam artists from the ancient history of AIM. I have spent years and years of my time visiting American Indians all over the USA. I frequently meet American Indians who have no idea who Russell Means, Dennis Banks or Leonard Peltier is. But they all know and feel Ana Mae Aquash.

I invite readers to use their favorite search engine and search her name. See what you can find out. You will find a lot of links. Very few of them will be from MSM sources. Do your own investigation. Find out what happened and what people are saying about it.

For me, today, finding these photographs, I went into a very emotional space. A space where I remembered…..everything. A space where time has frozen and never moved forward. A space where questions are still waiting to be answered, a space where cowards are yet waiting to be held accountable.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Culture of Shoot To Kill || Death Of A Mother in DC

So many talking heads, from US Senators, to educated journalists, to paid “experts”, praised the “very well trained” police who could not figure out how to stop a speeding car…so they shot her to death. Where is the “very well trained” there?

You ever notice when we see video of these increasingly violent incidents how utterly obese most of these “very well trained” police are? What is up with that? Anyone with a gun and working eyes can shoot you to death. No training involved. After seeing many police officers shoot dozens of bullets and hit only innocent, we can also ask questions about their aim as well.

I am really not satisfied or prepared to compliment the police for shooting this woman to death. Maybe I am the only one. I keep watching technology advances, participated in and witnessed really impressive advanced training about what to do and how to act in a crises. I have witnessed educated and armed people discussing the importance and trainable ability to shoot to stop, without shooting to kill. Cops on the street are trained to eat doughnuts and shoot to kill and write parking tickets. I see no evidence it goes much further than that.

I worked with the police many years ago, as a director of an emergency medical response team near Augusta, Georgia. I worked with special investigators, highway patrol and local small town police. I liked some of them very much. Many of them were clearly incompetent and many of them were really rather stupid. I sat in the peripheral of their culture and was rarely impressed with either their intelligence or their training. Many of them did disastrous things that injured people severely when they came upon auto accidents and domestic violence situations. I forced the local police to force their indifferent cops to sit through a long lecture on what not to do when you find an injured person. I saw people die because the police present were in fact to stupid to be where they were. In my own experience I have rarely met a “well trained” cop. Ever. I have met some older ones who had real world experience that made them, sometimes, more effective. But I saw experienced cops do really stupid things. Every day.

Making lunch today I found myself imagining how I would feel if Wayne LaPierre, the blood-drenched voice of outrage for the gun manufacturers’ political arm, the NRA. I surprised myself. I thought it would be better that he was not shot to death but, for example, had both his knees taken out. So he could not stand up anymore and bob his hitler hair-do up and down in outrage after every senseless act of violence. I was wondering what he would think about gun violence if that happened to him. There is such an emotional charge to this whole question of gun violence, both from random shooters and about the trigger happy cops, it is no easy to keep the otherwise rational mind from having crazy thoughts. So that was my crazy thought for the moment. LaPierre is such a piece of trash in my view, a really contemptible person. He seems the perfect target for an irrational violent thought.

Perhaps my point is that it is getting harder to stay calm. Harder to listen with patience to the lies, posturing and hypocrisy of people like NYC Commissioner of Police Kelly, or the NRA, or any given republican on any given day.

Any American Indian who is a carrier and protector of sacred ceremony, of the Sacred Pipe, is a religious officer with an agenda of peace. Peace now. A cop who spontaneously shoots to kill anyone is not a peace officer. He is an animal, filled with fear and whose education and training are instantly lost. A keeper of Sacred Pipes who imagines a crippled gun monger is a religious man who is in danger of loosing his patience, of forgetting under stress his own obligation to peace. So… I try to purge and examine my condition by writing about it. By discussing the next absence of a gesture of humanity by our new world order protectors. I hope my reasoning ability and my act of writing will redirect me towards compassion, towards patience. Towards a renewed optimism about our political and police leadership. It works sometimes. These days it seems to just be a mounting bucket list of American failure.

What I find particularly frustrating is that there is so little thoughtful analysis or even awareness of how frequently supposedly “well trained” police shoot someone to death when there was usually a more intelligent alternative. You just never hear that discussion. This last week, the only place we heard this question was from the family of Miriam Carey. I recall an old lady, barely able to move, protesting her eviction from her home who was shot to death, 17 bullets, by NY City police. A black man shot 47 times for reaching for his wallet. An college football player shot 12 times, shot to death, while looking for help after an auto accident. Questionable shootings is a list with thousands of names on it. Questions asked about questionable shooting by the police? Nothing.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Italian Justice, A Failure of Democracy || Amanda Knox

The Imbecile of Perugia and his "technical expert"

If you think things are looking grim in the United States, you could be living in Italy where so many things are cast in gog and arrogant posturing. To the slow, lingering death throes of disgraced and convicted felon Silvio Berlusconi, to the collapse of a working government, austerity and now, as well, a loose canon; a disgraced prosecutor, who worships the limelight, is starting another tragic court trial. By crafting intentional lies, twisting meaningless moments into sinister behavior and playing on the paranoia of the population, an Italian prosecutor is using everything except the truth this week.

It is nearly unbelievable that Amanda Knox is being “re-tried” in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Double Jeopardy means nothing in the Italian constitution. The courts seem free to make it up as they go along. In a country where vast volumes of over-whelming factual evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Silvio Berlusconi is a criminal, a bag man of the Mafia, a serial abuser, liar, thief and incompetent administrator, in multiple courts, yet serves not one day of punishment or consequences…that same court can again force a trial based upon forced confessions under torture, fabricated evidence, hopelessly compromised crime scene and incompetence at a criminal level by the police and administrations of justice in Perugia are once again bringing their lies, incompetence and deeply paranoid personalities to bear against an innocent person.

Yes, almost unbelievable. How can anyone, any person of informed jurisprudence have any faith at all in the evidence, investigation or integrity of the Perugia police and court system? Yet they are able to proceed. Because Italy is like that.

Italy is not like the USA. Over here in Italy the police can walk into your private home or business and search from floor to ceiling for anything at all. If they want to, that is the only pre-requisite. When you are arrested there is no protection against self-incrimination, no one will help you find an attorney, they do not even have to let you make a telephone call. They start with the idea that you are guilty. While the Italian courts do not serve up sentences as severe as those in American courts, the system itself is arbitrary, corrupt and filled to over flowing with incompetent police, investigators, prosecutors and judges. Of tragic proportions. In general if you get arrested (even if you are not convicted) you are guilty forever. If you are ever arrested for anything, the police have even more freedom to search your home or business, detain you without cause and invade your privacy and human rights that would cause an American’s head to explode.

I am sometimes nervous about living here for these reasons. What happened to Amanda Knox, and is still happening to her, could happen to any foreign born person in Italy..if not for phony murder charges, for any possible violation, even some you may never have heard of in your country. 

 I offer this example: Some years ago I was boarding a flight from Trapani in Sicily to come home to Pantelleria. I noticed from my peripheral vision a big Italian guy in plain clothes just eyeballing me fiercely for what seemed like a long time. At one point I turned to catch his eye but he turned away. His body language was tense. When I arrived at Pantelleria I was met by eight Carabinieri, eight, as I came through the baggage claim. They were very polite. One man wanted to see my passport, so I gave it to him. He opened a mobile phone and talked to someone for about 15 minutes, reading each page of the passport. The others watched me closely but otherwise let me just stand there. One of them spoke a little English and said he remembered coming to our house for diner some time back. The guy on the mobile closed his phone and they went away. Not a word of explanation.

The police and court systems of Italy frequently seem like an element of fascism that did not get re-worked in the shift to Democracy in this country after World War Two.

Now, for the third time, the Italian judicial system is convinced without any sustainable evidence of any kind that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are once again under the influence of this horrendous system. The case is being driven by a contemptible, ambitious and ethically challenged prosecutor who is under investigation for ethics violations right now. Giuliano Mignini is the discredited, deeply flawed prosecutor pushing this absurdity onto the world stage. He has no idea how to admit he made a mistake, and he never will. It is apparently impossible to remove him from office. The case this imbecile has made against Amanda and her friend is nonsense, it defies reason, it is moronic…and yet he is all in with it.

There are two Italy’s, at least. A county filled with tolerant, loving and peaceful people. A people who love freedom. This is contrasted by a super-wealthy government class that is filled with Mafia pimps, corrupt and self-absorbed people, and whole departments dominated by stupid and incompetent officials. The dark side of Italy is very dark, and it is not underground, but rather at the very core of the Italian government and Police. It is made up of posturing fools who never have to back down, who never have to admit they are wrong.

Hopefully the American State Department will step up and protect US Citizen Amanda Knox from any possible violation of her rights as a United States citizen. From Berlusconi, to the racists taunts against the first black Italian minister, to the failure of its government o do anything useful, to the continuing torture and unjust persecution of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, Italy must hold itself ashamed before the world community.

The links listed below can help interested readers stay current with the situation now under way in Perugia; this includes venues for support:

Read this amazing book:
Waiting To Be Heard, by Amanda Knox
ISBN-10: 0062217208
Amazon Link….
It is a heavy read, not easy. But it is more important than ever for interested persons to understand her side of the story. The reader will also understand clearly how the Italian prosecution lied, manipulated, planted false inferences and did everything they could to keep public sympathy away from Ms Knox rayher than ever admit they were wrong, it is really that tragically simple. The arrogance and pride of an overstuffed, incompetent imbecile prosecutor.

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