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Paris Blue Shadow Blues 2015

©2015 paris, 13 november twenty fifteen
dreams fall like bullets bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street the heartless shadows praised the darkness and reloaded smiling, innocent, alive just a moment ago pride, prejudice, religion transmuted into hate fingers on the trigger the people become the howling weeping truth, re-described as sacred bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street someone put a flower in a bullet hole lighted a candle on the bloody street played a piano to the bowing crowd huddled together in mystery and grief I was far, far away yet my soul was nearby, right there bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street hope, rage, forgiveness, revenge tears and silence in cold waves all of that buried me in screams where strangers gathered into family no one wanted to be alone bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street I was choked in bitterness breathing flames into the cold dark night silence breaking my heart I could not turn away eyes open, heart on fire, I took a deep breath a…

White Walker Chronicles: The (GOP) Zombie Class

Editorial Content: The Republican Debates Copyright ©2015 Turtle Heart

The Walking Dead, aka the Republican Party, have lined up, edge to edge on your monitor. Brains. Zombie Brains are said to be delicious, but fluffy (to much air) and unsatisfying (to much salt, no sugar).
The carefully engineered dominance of the political right across the entire country…its control of states, local governments…and its cost in the billions of dollars by a handful of white men…seems from a distance to be a virus, exactly like the virus that creates zombi society on our televisions. If you look at a big map, it looks like a blight, a massacre perhaps. Given the diverse history of the United States, it does not seem a natural act. Like the zombie invasion.
America whither goest thou upon thy golden elephant? 

I got out ten years ago. Just in time. But Italy, my new country, is not America. I miss peanut butter and New Mexico green chilli and buffalo stew. I don’t miss Americans. Not a single one.