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Equinox : September : Power of the Old Dog

23 September 2015 : 10:20 am CET

starlight gathering near my finger tips dream songs carry me in my sleep yes my friends the mysteries are all around us close by

I am sitting with memories, the shadows of my wisdom, distant ring of my experience, my elusive powers. 
Wishing I could do something to help the Waiting World. Retirement is upon me. Nothing. I don’t like it. Tears run down my cheeks as I read and watch the Troubles. Trouble. Everywhere.
I have been reading. A lot. More than ever. Like when I was a young boy. I stayed holed up in my room and read books. And comics. But lots of books. Thoreau. Julius Ceaser. Mark Twain. Marvel. Alexander Dumas. The Count of Monte Cristo is probably my favorite book. Also Talbut Munday. Robert E Howard. Lord Dunsanay. Books. Printed on paper. Today the books are on my iPad. Electronic books. They have lots of typos and bad formatting. Even the best sellers. Ebooks are kind of tacky and poorly edited. This seems so strange to me. Right from the start, …

Hilary Rodham Clinton : The American Indian Vote

I have preferred Mrs Clinton over Obama. All along. I have come to truly admire Barack Obama. He seems a geniunely good and intelligent man. His humanity on the stage of the world is truly beautiful. There remains a timidity about him that has disappointed me all along. I voted for him because of course voting for the manic and rather unstable John McCain was not reasonable. I am a registered Democrat, but I have voted in the past for a few Republican elected offices. I voted for Richard Nixon on the strength of his incredible, noble, and largely ignored and unsuspected support for and actions taken for American Indians. When Nixon died, American Indian drummers came from all over the USA to drum him over. Nixon was the only US President for whom the American Indians did this. President Obama was, in fact, adopted by the Crow Nation and given a ceremonial name. Yet what he has done for American Indians is timid, modest, and important but also inadequate. I am not sure Mrs Clinton wil…