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Rescuing American Indian Ceremonies

Help me Rescue this Person...

From time to time I have rescued American Indian objects from the places they are being held. It does not happen frequently. The first time was in Nashville, African object of great power...but that is a story for another time.

In America, it was much easier to keep a modest fund I had for this purpose. Over the years a number of profound objects in the hands of idle collectors were returned to daily work in the mystery life. Sacred Objects sent back to their homes. I do not rescue items to keep them for myself. I rescue them so they can be free again. The old Indians believe certain classes of sacred object have status as people.

Here in Italy, for an old Indian, the money is not so easy to gather in for the expenses and services that the sacred bundles require. We spend about 1,000 dollars on candles to stay with the bundle, for example. The care and protection of the sacred requires an infrastructure and the cold hard cash to maintain t…

Obama Government WILL NOT support American Indian rights

Obama (Professional Liar)

For all his rhetoric, and a splash of American Indian blood, and in spite of being actually adopted by the great Crow Nation, the Obama administration will not sign the UN International Declaration of Universal Indigenous People Rights and Protections.....

Just like Bill Clinton, who was given an Eagle Feather by Sun Child, Jr, George Bush, and now Obama, the USA refuses to admit to or even recognize that the American and other indigenous people of the world deserve any protection. This hypocrisy in the face of so much horrible and bad news for tribal people worldwide is stunning.

Obama, in particular, should be ashamed. I voted for this black man pretending to be a white man, loud-talking, vote-pimping to tribes, finger-pointing sell out, rich slave of the corporate world asshole. American Indians really came out for this punk of a corporate and wall street slave. Obama may have been born in the USA, he is not a socialist or a closet muslim...he is a dime a do…