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Lakota Fraud

I use a Google alert to track stories and articles about Sacred Pipe. Every day the most astonishing claims and behaviors by modern people show up in my mail inbox. Some disturb me more than others.

I have recently found notice of several UK women, calling themselves life-coaches, who claim to be “certified” Lakota shamans and keepers of tribal pipes. They offer discounted vision quests, one even lets you vision quest using emails, for $400, at this link, for example. This crazy woman wants you to believe the impossible and apparently does quite well finding suckers to go along with her.

Most American Indian tribes do not use or embrace the Sacred Pipe. It is the traditional and historical practice of a small group of tribes. Most tribes, therefore have no opinion on the abuse and theft of its teachings out in the modern world. Likewise, tribes at present have no power to prosecute or sanction the many, many liars and pretenders who damage the sacred truth by this dangerously misinforme…

Taino Tribal Land || aka Haiti

There were Indigenous “Indians” on Haiti. They lived a good and sweet life. They were wiped out by the colonialist behavior and replaced with slaves from assorted brown-skinned countries. The Arowac Tribes (Taino), were ceremonial migrations of the Inca.

These tribes were sacred tobacco tribes, carry the ceremonial plant from long trade routes which connected them, through layers (not directly), to the tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley (Creek-Catabwa). The first arrivals were not interested in these sacred ideas. No one asked them anything, except to move along. The Colonialist occupation was served up by the church and the state.

The Taino Indians were wiped out.

The sacred house (wrapping) of the Sacred Pipe of the World Jouney of the Four Directions Unity Bundle wears four Taino Indian beads, of baked ceramic.

The Rev Pat Roberston has said there was a deal made with the devil in Haiti. He seemed to think that the devil was not him, not his Republican Favors Party Christian Valu…

Twenty Ten

I find myself wondering.

WTF? Here on the little islnd it is a sunny 70 degrees. the flowers,which are in great abundance and variety, scent the air as the blue moon falls back down into a normal winter. Soon the local Pantesche will drink homemade wine all night and dance and eat in the stone caves they call "circles",something that was once true everywhere in Italy.

Things start to really quiet down around here about now. This is the warmest winter season I can remember. The lizards did not go to sleep this year. they usually climb into a deep hole until March, but the lizards did not sleep this year. A few new developments continue to encourage me that the Journey of this great bundle of the intentions of my tribal elders may reach another country this year. I don't run around and make much of a promotion for this work. It seems to require movement that is quiet, arising from the middle way. there is a lot of noise in the modern world. Anyway, the little sacred fire is…