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Russell Means || The Shiny Object At the Bottom of the Dark Pit

26 October. Italy

The article below is a repost from about a year ago...when the world first heard that Means was seriously ill. Now, he is dead. He passed away some days ago in close company with his fellow gangster and bully Leonard Crow Dog.

The two of them showed such enormous promise 30 years ago. In the memorials being passed around the country, it is this young Rusell Means that is being remembered.

Over those years many American Indians have stayed inside their lives and said all the things Means is celebrated for saying. There were no cameras and reporters around to make a record of what they said. The burning question for me has always been why the Main Stream Media only followed, reported on and quoted this American Indian above all others. That remains the question.

As Means life de-evolved into drunkenness, abuse of women, lies, embezzlement, and probably homicide, only the other American Indians seemed to notice. The media continued to allow themselves to be flim-flamed,…

Mormons, Catholics and the American Indian Experience || Oppression Through Faith

Sadly, for American Indians, the history of the Mormon Church’s destructive programs directed for generations against American Indians is apparently unknown. Romney, the Romney males, the father and grandfather, as ranking officers of their faith have supported and formulated the Mormon programs targeted at American Indians.
For generations, decades, Mormons systematically removed, by various means, American Indian children from their tribal families and communities to raise them as Mormons. One of these severely brainwashed children, for a time, was the central American Indian of the Federal government, overseeing all American Indian programs. Heralded as a great breakthrough in the high appointment of an “American Indian”, this man, Larry Echo Hawk, after a very short time, proved he knows nothing about his own ancestors and communities, leaving his elevated federal position to become a high-ranking officer for the Mormon church…not American Indians, but the Mormon church. His dista…

Sacred Pipe Goes To Italy: Part One || Falling Down In the Garden of Ulysses

I left behind the United States, my art gallery, and my long life in my country in 2004. This is why.
In the Summer of 2004, I was invited to Italy. The year before I had shared an open ceremony with a group of Italian visitors, 18 of them if I recall correctly. I found their comportment, respect, and intelligence a really refreshing experience. When, a year later, I was invited to come and share some of my ideas and a few of the open ceremonies of my culture, I was very pleased to accept. That meeting took place in August. By November, I was living on the small island of Pantelleria. Italy and Italians were a revelation to me. 
The old Indians who were my Grandfathers and Teachers had asked me, in the early 1980s, to consider taking the bundle (gathered collection) of Sacred Pipes that I carry, out into the world. In 2004 the door opened for me to keep the promise I made at that time to those beloved and wise American Indians. When I left my home in Taos, New Mexico, in 2004, my int…

Sicilian Austerity Crushes Little Pantelleria But Armani Parties On

....special, from the Home of the Four Directions Unity Bundle.... I live on the little Mediterranean island of Pantelleria. It is an island of gardens and farmers, rather than fishermen. It is 25 miles north of Africa. It is a sweet and charming place. It produces the world's best capers, as well as a unique sweet wine called Passito. It is a wine made entirely by hands, without machines.

Armani and other so-called celebrities like Carol Bouquet of France talk about, exploit and seem to cherish their vacation homes on the little island. You can rarely read an article about Armani which does not mention is Pantelleria home. In 1974 Pantelleria produced 2.6 million bottles of wine. In 2012 Pantelleria produced 300,000 bottles of wine. The 2013 wine production (now) looks to be less, far less. The Sicilian government took away one of the two transport ferries that serve Pantelleria from Sicilia. The other boat is available only four days each week, providing the sea is passable. So …