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Equinox Muse || Severe Failure of American Indian Leadership To Back Elizabeth Warren

This post comes up on the Equinox this month and then leads into my views on the severely racist campaign by the GOP against Elizabeth Warren who reasonably claims to have American Indian ancestors.
American Indians all have ceremonies, ancient ceremonies, called "finding lost relations", very sacred ceremonies at the very root of almost every tribal culture. These racist attacks are lead by a GOP that is hostile, very hostile, to any program or service for American Indians.
It is tragic that American Indian leadership cannot see this situation clearly. Failure is what I call it. Failure and a missed opportunity.
As to the Equinox, the little gateway for breathing ourselves into a new season, we had some spontaneous visitors to the sacred fire, to the ancient songs. In this season we also started a spirit keeping ceremony for our dear friend Ralph who passed away recently. He was so young and bright.
So for two years we will carry on the "keeping the spirit" ceremo…