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Thanksgiving is a dick. Read the full story here....

bon appetite....

Fritz Scholder Painting Used to Wrap Old Dead Fish (Breaking News)

Here we are at another cycle of the new American Mythology, "Native American Awareness Month".

The most notable event which has been referred in this empty gesture has been worldwide reviews and pontificating over Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian, an exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian in the USA.

While Scholder made some sort of an impression on the rich white people's art market, he made none at all on American Indian culture. He was not any kind of tribal person. He did have some "Indian Blood", whatever that may mean. Millions of Americans have some little drop of American Indian blood. What makes an American Indian an American Indian is participation in the culture, in the life, in the struggle, in the reality. Scholder did none of that, ever.

When one considers the many incredibly talented tribal artists working in both the past and the present who are actual participants in their tribal cultures, this national press worship of a dead art…

A Song in Sardinia


01 August 2008.
An honoring ceremony for late Andrea Parodi, an enormously gifted singer and cultural teacher of the Sardinian, Italia people and culture. This video was made by Silvia, my wife, at one point in the long ceremony we did that day. The beautiful woman in the video is Valentina, wife of Andrea Parodi and a beautiful spirit who shared all the ceremonies on this lovely day...

19 November 2008 ||

Strong dreams
Come in from the mystery life dances
We shared together. Strong dreams and feelings
About all this light
And all that noise waiting in the dark.
Can I return from where I have been
Breaking old stones to free the wind
That breathes within
To carry me where I have never been.

Correction Way || New World Ceremony

If you have lost something, you can retrace your steps and find it again.

In tribal life this is called “correction way”.

If you have lost your soul, it may be to late to apply a correction, John McCain.

If you have only lost your way, it is possible to make a correction from within yourself. The first step is to take responsibility for yourself and recognize how the choices you have made have either helped you or hurt you.

A good problem can be a tremendous blessing. Understanding that you may have a problem is a revelation. Accepting responsibility for the problem, you become immediately empowered with the possibility to solve it.

The United States has an opportunity to enter into a grand state of correction way blessings. This is in fact the best opportunity we have had in a generation. The dark face of corporate domination has shown us the dangers of ignoring the opportunity to make corrections.

The blog here is a process in the correction way adventure. It is a chance for a man like me…

Emotions of Hope

I am here on the tiny island of Pantelleria. There are just 2 Americans here. Curiously, the people of the island pay little attention to the outside world. Even so, they all were pulling for Obama. It is hard to find the words to explain how much they hate george fucking bush....or how charming it is that they have embraced Obama. I am feeling a lot of emotion. I am proud of the country, of the people. We have grown up a little. We have become more open, more accepting of new possibilities.

While this new president has inherited a disaster, a group of tragedies made entirely by the ignorance and arrogance of george fucking bush, we cannot how such a positive wave of energy can affect everything that happens from now on. Positive energy is a magical force. it enters the body bone-deep and changes everything. yes, the whole world has changed in ways we can feel and ways we cannot yet imagine. underestimate

I stayed up all night using my old analog modem to get updates. Finally, about 5 i…

Vote || Get Up Off Your Ass and VOTE

Vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get out and Vote. Wake up and Vote. Stand in line and Vote|

Welcome to Native American heritage Month. Elect the first ever (part) American Indian US President !!

Vote. Sing and Dance and Vote.

Voting is a great way to not feel like an asshole if someone asked if you voted.