Wednesday, February 14, 2007

la medicina

Il vento è la mia medicina
che spazza via le pietra dalla mente.
La pioggia è la mia medicina
che lava le mie ossa stanche
abbandonate sul letto.
Il mio cavallo è la mia medicina,
e quando cavalco
il ritmo intenso del suo passo
dentro mi accende.

If you were to look at a map of the region of Pantelleria you would see that in all directions there are great mountain ranges which funnel the wind right to our door. Pantelleria has a unique and powerful geological alignment with 8 winds. She was called, this island, "The Daughter of the Wind", by ancient people. the ancient people who used sailing ships know more about the wind than modern people, who use machines that more or less just ignore the wind.

We have sometimes been known to say that a great wind carries us.

Yes all the while we are carried. It is easy to forget how sacred, how powerful and beautiful the wind really is. Who can carry one life all alone? Sacred Pipe brings the wind inside the body. The wind comes along the red road and comes inside our bodies. In a perfect life one song will be released and this song could heal the world.

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