Monday, February 19, 2007

The Floating World

7 Generations. a story for the ancient future.

Today I am working on a new painting. While priming the canvas, i had a strong sensation of the responsibility I feel to make a record of these ideas of the sacred pipe for the future generations. Generation by generation we believe it is possible there will be a great need for this information in the future. I do not think capitalism, federalism or the church will continue to give answers to the seven generations. All over the world people search for other answers. Day by day a great dissatisfaction will force a great change in the society of people.

I have believed from the first moment that I sat with the Elder teachers of the sacred pipe in the value of these practices, of these ideas. In my education I have looked into the eight directions of both shadow and light. My memories crowd my silence in these days and inside my soul a great light and dream of these sacred thoughts is the wind that carries my soul forward. Time presses on me and it presses none to gently.

My life in this work with the sacred pipe has brought me to the warm embrace of the daughter of the wind. Inside my paintings and sculpture there is a dance, a marriage dance between the wind (air), the sacred morning fire (fire), the water (water) of the sea and the red earth (earth) of these sacred stones. It seems no accident. Yet there is resistance, questions. Have I made the right choice?

Pantelleria seems the perfect place to invite the children of the world....a sacred space set in motion in the floating world. The mystery life is a weaver, she is not a stone broken on the earth. Many of the worlds most sacred people are now in motion.....moving like sailors out into the floating world.

America is a disaster for American Indian People. Even though, for the most part, the wars with the guns have finished, the war with the racism and politics and religion money of the same old white man has the same smell of death all over it. It was clear to me some time ago that the sacred pipe had to first go away from the America of the United States.

Now there is a small sacred space on this (Italian, Arabic, African, Greek) Island, a sweat lodge, eagle feathers, sacred stones, sacred leaf, mystery life tools....the old, old songs. In my life then I have come this far. I have done this much. I strive to fertilize the sacred silence. I am a mystery life dreamer, awake in the floating world.

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