Monday, February 05, 2007

The funniest things about life are those things that are funny. Laughter is the most fashionable when it is based upon something funny. I think one of the best things about me is my passion for what is the possibility of joyful laughter?

Somebody told me a long time ago about a man they heard cured himself of a terminal sickness by watching all the Marx Brothers movies and laughing and laughing. And how could you not? I never heard what became of his life after that. I have always believed that story and think about it. As a meditation for the people my spirit hears a longing for laughter. Part of the humanity and flavor of Italy is its sense of humor. It is fleshy and makes a strong impression, like the food, like the dead emporers, who probably were the reason why they found a good sense of humor an important cultural expectation.

The sun and the earth and the sea make me burst out into laughter rather spontaneously. It is a place that makes me happy enough to laugh. This kind of laughter has become a good experience for me. When I hear about, for example, all the corruption and stange business arrangements of the bush and cheny groups, I just chuckle to myself. Yup. Yup. pretty funny how the blind are so blind they have forgotten they are blind. It also makes me laugh and feel encouraged to note how many people seem fed up at last with this group. These three forms of laughter are very different from each other.

I noted with some emotion the passing of Molly Ivans, a Texan and a miracle of observation about how people really are, especially in Texas. Such a wit and great funny words could only come from someone who knows how and why to laugh at and find humor in the condition of our society. Laugh well and your enemies will fear you. You will be protected and some will even dream of you. Finding laughter in a dream is very hard usually. I wonder why? Mybe looking for a dream with the sort of laughter woven in the soul by Molly Ivans would be a dream the old indians would say, gives one shapeshifting energy for real dream travel. Laughter codec. Nothing is more lovely, or more missed. Go to for more about Moly Ivins.

Today it was so beautiful. This is a lovely land. I walked to the little market nearby and they had marshmallows, the first I have ever seen in Italy. They were made in France and have a japanese logo. I felt they were a gift from the mystery life and ate every one very slowly. Today while I am painting, I will listen to Richard Pryor.

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