Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lacie: A computer hardware company that could care less

Lacie Computer Hardware (Disk drives, monitors)

Customer Support: 0 (possibly the sorriest customer support ever)

Reliability of Products: 0. If they work; ok....if they don't, throw in the trash.

As a traveller, and the manger of a humitarian project on a budget, I need reliable and portable hardware. A little over a year ago I searched for hours and hours to find a small bus-powered harddrive for my Apple Powerbook laptop. I needed something that was tough and strong and reliable. After my long search I choose Lacie 40 gb Databank Firewire hard disk drive. It was nearly twice the cost of every other drive I reviewed, coming in at almost $400 for a 40 gb drive.

The hype on their web site was to promote the reliability and service of their company in offering this drive.

Well, a very short time after the warranty expired the drive failed. The case failed, not the drive. So I contacted Lacie to get a repair. I was told they do not do out of warranty repairs on any of their products. Further I was lectured at length about the situation with hard disk failures.

I have been a computer professional for nearly 30 years. I think most of the time I know what I am doing. It was a huge surprise to encounter the arrognce and indifference of this computer company. That they would hype such an expensive drive and offer no repairs at all is to me an absolute end to any interest in any product that they make.

Since then I have done a lot of research on the internet and found dozens and dozens of stories from people and surveys that rank Lacie Technical and customer support as terrible, awful, even non-existent.

So I offer you my experience. I would never buy anything ever from this company. Their hype ads are all over the internet. Remember you were warned here. Buyer beware. Lacie could care less.

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