Equinox: Ritual Touching of the Earth

5 men and 15 women moved in circles and put Tobacco around the little tobacco fire and went into the sweat lodge; the womb of the mother earth. Eqinox has opened a door. Passing through this door we made the old singing, and this opened the door between our bodies and the earth. The stones were very hot. Yes, the stones were very hot. We embraced many times and many things were said in Italian, as we did this ceremony in Parabiago Italy, a village near Milan.

Equinox and Solstice ceremonies take place with the little fire ceremony. One group also made the all night singing ceremony. This is a special ceremony for The Dreamer, for the Dreaming. It is a good ceremony to do for 9 days. Possibly on Pantelleria we can have one day the 9 day ceremony. The ceremony moves; yet we have had more than one dozen strong ceremonies here in this place, in the home of Carlo and Paola and their 4 children.

This is the ceremony we did, the songs we made and sent to the mystery life on these days. The World Journey of the sacred Pipe.

Equinox Fall (Mud-Jhe-Kwas)

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