Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dreaming: A neglected tool in human development and growth!!

Art of the Dream
AICAP Digital Tribal Arts Quarterly

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The old Indians believed in dreaming. For centuries before the coming of the modern people dreaming held a very active and important place in tribal life. It as used to guide ceremonial migrations, finding food, names, and a whole range of services and experiences.

For whatever strange reason the modern people did not have this knowledge at all. Dreaming right now is the key to an opening into life we do not yet know at all….a new life a new society is longing in the hearts of so many people in this world.

The particular object.
In my culture if someone gives you something in particular…a medicine object say, then you have an obligation to take your thinking to a special place. You cannot just believe something ordinary happened, like someone gave you a cookie or a glass of water. When something particular and special happens you must decide how you will take it in…what you will do withy that energy. My first awareness of this energy came from an old Papago song I heard many years ago…the song was about this very idea….

In the dreaming ceremony the people are given a direct gift of something in particular. It is this particular gift that is of great value. It has an energy larger than the words used to impart it.

I am working on a new painting: the new painting: a man being touched by an eagle feather.

What you are given goes into the soul to become part of the body of what we call free will or "choice".

Trusting yourself. Emerging from the mist. This energy is for you, for your strength and faith in yourself.

Love. Love gives the courage to walk into the darkness and emerge again into the light. It was in the darkness of fear and longing that the spirit first learned to dream, to soar,…. to go beyond where we are now. Love is what is behind every ceremony. It is not a love that surrenders but a love that soars, a love that is strong and limitless…a love that gives you your life for yourself……within yourself so you can understand what is true, in your own mind and body.

Knowing nothing at all about your dreams is a tragedy… something.

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