A Soldier In the Field: Support Bowe Bergdahl

Update : 13 June 2014 12 noon CET : 
Welcome To Texas Sgt Bergdahl...Welcome Home

Yes. he is now back in the USA, in Texas, good old Fort Sam Houston, if my spelling is correct. I took part of my medical truing there in 1968.

I feel our young people are paying an unacceptably high price for their military service. For all the public "support the troops" that drips like acid rain over the national leadership, something is not right. We are not supporting our soldiers. We are abandoning them. In spite of all the money, organisations and so-called public support for our soldiers, we are failing them. The case of Bowe Bergdahl is the flaming tip, the flawed crown jewel of GOP outrage. The GOP is the beating heart of the disgrace to our soldiers.

John McCain is their point man. Mr Outrage. Mr Bomb Iran. Mr Bring Back The Bush Military Team. McCain stood on the floor of the US Senate yesterday and blamed Mr Obama for the new insurgency in Iraq, being fuelled by insurgents streaming in, armed and battle-hardened from Syria. If his solution involved putting the pilot McCain in an old war jet and giving him a map to Iraq, I say let him go. As a soldier myself, I have come to loathe the plastic warrior and his unrelenting outrage. A wounded and broken warrior, McCain is to big to stop, to big to send to therapy, to big to vote out, to big to ever consider silence. He might also be the only important voice right now who could, who should, welcome Bergdahl to Texas, embrace him, thank him. No one does the right thing anymore, not at the national level, not just straight up. We loose learning and growing opportunities, we lose them everyday.

America could embrace, welcome and forgive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and great things would happen from that wave of compassion and great common sense. As individuals, we can free ourselves of the poison of outrage manipulated onto us by the GOP and Fox news one by one. Writing this blog right now, I welcome him to Texas. Welcome home Sgt Bergdahl. A grateful nation may yet kill you.

Update: 11 June 3 PM CET : Immediate Intensity Field (IIF)

As to Bergdahl’s platoon? I would like to know more about what kind of platoon was this? The picture so far is not very encouraging. A reasonable person would argue that the context of Bergdahl’s departure must include the nature of his unit. What kind of platoon was this? These other guys were all saints and Bergdahl alone was “different”? Really?

The Chain of Command is required from top to bottom to bring soldiers home. All other due process follows in order.

It is appalling, frankly being exposed to the widely telegraphed  dirtball, provocative, fact-free rants of people like Morning Joe, Hannity and the other bottom feeders in suits who seem to thrive and cherish the lavish and pitiful and hysterical manipulation they provide for suckers like us to consume. Media statistics tell us the ranting invective of the right gets a lot of attention. Time magazine ran a cover this week “Was He Worth It”…referring to Sgt Bergdahl. Time magazine has shown the journalistic integrity of a fish wrapper in this cover. I am done with Time magazine.

The Bergdahl Family Tragedy is about to double down. This over-hyped vitriol is dangerous to him and his family, possibly his entire community. He is from a small town that has all been very active and attentive to the hope to have their local son come home. Now what can happen? The consequences of international media attention has destroyed lives in the past. Though that part of the story does not get covered in such detail. 

The Immediate Intensity Field. A new mortal weapon, disguised as "breaking news". And since those guys are covering it we have to cover it, and in just a few “breaking” moments a digital information tsunami eclipses everything, reason in particular…while what really happened will trickle out somewhere farther down the road. IIF. A new weapons technology brought to you by GOP. 
(Except for Eric Cantor).

Original Post: 

To Ted Cruz, who has had to face nothing more dangerous than looking at his sap face in the mirror, he should shut up and say nothing about soldiers. Ever. Like most of the whining GOP clowns posturing over the returned soldier, they never served in any army. They know nothing. They are not entitled to an opinion.

To the crazy old man, Senator McCain, he is just crazy. A looney old man whose answer to everything is to bomb Iran. No one pays much attention to him anymore. Before he became a fool he was a soldier. But he left that behind. He has disgraced, at last, his own service, his own uniform in my view. No one cares anymore John.

To the bitched out comrades he served with: where were you with your loud and wise-guy observations when the soldier walked out the door? What sort of comrades did he have that saw nothing, knew nothing, did nothing? Your outrage is made of plastic and a desperation for attention. To little to late.

Why was the release of  this soldier not a moment of national unity? Was it the legion of Chicken Hawks in the United States Congress, partisan lap dogs of the GOP who never served in the military.

His father is a sterling, beautiful man. Millions of boys would like to have a father like his. My father was a career soldier. He was also a heartless bastard. Had the same thing happened to me, he would have believed I deserved it, getting captured and held prisoner. He grew a beard to show solidarity with his son. He learned Pushtun culture and language so he could communicate with the Taliban assholes who were holding his son. He learned their history; their hopes and aspirations. He was able to ask them in their own language and by their own customs not to hurt his son.

I am so sick and tired of the reflexive outrage of the GOP to virtually every word and action by this US President. In my long life I have never seen anything so disgusting, so yellow, so hateful. And somehow these empty men get votes, get reelected, raise money and stand before the American People with straight faces.

Cheney, an un-charged war criminal, barks and squeaks like a rat being held by his tail. Interestingly, GW Bush has kept his silence. Cheney is perhaps the most vile and reprehensible white man to ever hold national office, in my view. He tells us the United States President is weak. Why can’t anyone in the GOP speak words of some dignity and support? It is perverse and beyond reason, this reality we have before us…of those men, of that political party, of these values.

Bowe Bergdahl. When he was 22 years old. Walked into the arms of his Taliban captors. 22. Five years later he is coming home. He is just 27 years old. A young man who has been dragged against his will through the looking glass. Emerging at last into the loving arms of his family, he faces the dark hearts of a new lunatic fringe. It may in fact be the case that his long nightmare has just started. Now the American People will replace his Islamic tormenters with American Patriot Tormenters. Well-funded they are. Well organized they are. The have Fox news. They have famous and influential faces in the United States government. They even have their traveling clown show headlined by donald trump.

It all seems so familiar. Benghazi. White Water. Oliver North. Aluminum Tubes. Bowe Bergdahl. Mitch McConnell. Waterboarding. And don’t forget Jesus and Hitler. And the political party throwing around the trash: the Republican Party.

I was a combat soldier in Vietnam. 1969. I am grateful, as a soldier, that America has brought Bowe Bergdahl home. Thank you Mr. Obama. We soldiers serve a political machine dominated by cowards, liars and fools. How rewarding it has been.

I support the “deal” that brought him home. I support the Quatar billionaire diplomats that brokered the deal. I support his family and his little Idaho hometown. I hope they let nothing throw a shadow over the pending homecoming of their native son.

I support the bullet (or Drone) that waits for these five “terrorists” ….. a little farther down the road....if and/or once these men, imprisoned for a dozen years, decide to return to battle...by which time the US will be out of that country. On the other hand, the US will be required by international law to free all imprisoned persons taken in the war. Taliban soldiers are not classified as and are not considered "terrorists". they are legitimate soldiers fighting, in their view, an army of occupation.

Did Bowe give "intelligence" to the Taliban? Almost certainly. Every study of soldiers captured in war reveal that every soldier in captivity gives up information. No one is going to be tormented and tortured and not give up information. A more important point is to wait for a fuller story to be revealed. All this phony outrage by the political right is just disgusting and vile posturing for political effect. In the end all this toxic noise will make it much more difficult to know exactly what happened in the case of this young man.

The only soldiers to publicly trash and accuse Bowe of wrong doing were sought out, prepared by and presented by Republican GOP Big Money. Any soldier who would allow himself to be used like a whore by a partisan political machine must be viewed with suspicion...extreme suspicion. Good soldiers do not trash each other at the request of GOP Pay Masters.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's father has been attacked by the millionaire, over-stuffed paid political operatives of the FOX division of the radical right. For the beard. For learning and speaking Pashta and saying "Allah" while standing beside the United States President and Commander In Chief of the United States Military. I would have paid any price to see that kind of support and love from my father. Attacking the father reveals clearly the low character, the final collapse of honor, of the so-called Fox "news" agency.

No matter the final story. No matter what. The United States was obligated to bring this soldier home. The Chicken Hawks are so despondent to see the end of the war. That's the kind of people they are. No matter what I will not change my support for Bowe Bangdahl. The truth will not hurt us. But all these lies and all this manufactured outrage is hear breaking. I moved away from the USA after 9-11. I live in Italy now. From over here, America looks like it is loosing its mind, its soul. And not because of a US President, but at the hands, the choking, enraged hands of the political right. Outrage without reason. Accusations without facts.

That's it.

Update: 5 June 01 am :

The media is really digging in. This may be one of the lowest shames in recent memory. The media is doubling down on the hysterical and rage-fueled non-facts being peddled by the professional right. Even while decrying the lack of actual facts, the media almost universally gives a new attention to every outrageous claim made to date....just to state what is painfully obvious.

I am sorry to hear that the little town where his family lives is canceling its homecoming celebration. Their official position is that they are in no position to deal with the incoming swarm of outraged patriots, and they are probably right. The town has probably already filled up with devil hunters and truth seekers. many with paid contracts.

Hilary Clinton is reported to be visibly attempting to distance herself from any show of support. I am not yet sure it is absolutely true. If it is true that she has done this, she has lost my vote, a vote I have held onto for decades.

This is the new low, and its only been a few days. From here it looks like America has lost its mind....I remain myself in full support of the deal, the soldier, and the President. Full stop.

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