Historical Footnote !! Who Are The Human Beings

From the traditional sacred sciences vs the plodding "every piece is the whole story" modern science.

Recent DNA studies on aboriginal hair samples reveal that the Australian indigenous people have occupied their lands for upwards of fifty thousand years. Read the full details here.

The prevailing theory about how the earth became populated is generally now called the "Out of Africa" theory. It argues that all human beings evolved from and migrated from a point in Africa. Read about this theory in detail here.

The Ahnshinabeg (Ojibwe, etc), the Tewa (Hopi, etc) have nevr accepted this theory as a fact. We believe their were four great human migrations, originating from four distinct regions around the world, one of them being in North America.

That so-called evidence of this idea has not been brought forward is not because such evidence exists. It does. It exists in oral traditions and ceremonial structures and objects, shared between all indigenous peoples around the world. Science remains clueless in knowing how to read, quantify and interpret this evidence. The problem is not one of evidence, but of consciousness, in my view.

Every few years all of these so-called revelations about the antiquity of human beings and the paths and tools they followed to get where they were change. The charming Aboriginal man who gave up his fine hair 100 years ago is his own revolutionary statement. It appears they may actually know his name, but that has not yet been published.

This short document is just a footnote. An official statement from the keeper of a sacred bundle, which is also a limitless key to the ancient facts. Just wanted to be sure it was written down here somewhere in the Inter-Tubes.

Hymhenteqhous Mizhekay Odayin
Ahnishinabeg Wabeeno Jessakid
Keeper of the sacred Pipes of the Eastern Gate
Pantelleria Italy

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