Monday, October 03, 2011

Vietnam || The Tragic Legacy of Monsanto and Agent Orange

People and Power || Children of Agent Orange

Follow the link to the documentary airing now on Aljazeera/English. 

Agent Orange, a dioxin-based compound, was sprayed relentlessly over the once lush forests of Vietnam. Even now, so many years later, the rich bio-diversity of this wildlife paradise has not recovered.

The United States government left behind many families who have given birth, over 3 generations now, to heart breaking deformities in their children. the financial, emotional and psychological cost of these health problems on the families and communities is enormous.

Monsanto, the corporation which made the most money from this chemical has done nothing and blocked, at great expense, any effort by anyone to hold them accountable for this horrific consequence of their product. The US Government has done next to nothing. World aid agencies have done next to nothing. The Vietnam government is over-whelmed, the Vietnam medical system is over-whelmed. The United States media could care less.

I am a Vietnam veteran. I was right there, but not in the areas where Agent Orange was used. Lucky me. Many US Soldiers were also sprayed. Monsanto told everybody it was Ok to spray it everywhere. It would kill plants not people, they said.

Why has no one in the west every even brought up the idea that Monsanto Corporation has some liability and responsibility here? the Vietnames government ries over and over to bring action against Monsanto and the USA but it is always shot down, denied, ignored...and so every year they keep trying.

Americans should see this documentary.

One of the most compelling mind-fucks in this documentary are the numerous interviews with American Indian veterans of that war who have gone back to Vietnam to try and help.

Aljazeera has aired some of the most beautifully produced documentaries I have ever seen. This painful subject is presented without sensationalism. It is presented honestly, with real compassion for the suffering people we get to see and hear.

Watch it.

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