Taino Tribal Land || aka Haiti

There were Indigenous “Indians” on Haiti. They lived a good and sweet life. They were wiped out by the colonialist behavior and replaced with slaves from assorted brown-skinned countries. The Arowac Tribes (Taino), were ceremonial migrations of the Inca.

These tribes were sacred tobacco tribes, carry the ceremonial plant from long trade routes which connected them, through layers (not directly), to the tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley (Creek-Catabwa). The first arrivals were not interested in these sacred ideas. No one asked them anything, except to move along. The Colonialist occupation was served up by the church and the state.

The Taino Indians were wiped out.

The sacred house (wrapping) of the Sacred Pipe of the World Jouney of the Four Directions Unity Bundle wears four Taino Indian beads, of baked ceramic.

The Rev Pat Roberston has said there was a deal made with the devil in Haiti. He seemed to think that the devil was not him, not his Republican Favors Party Christian Values and Discount Value Mechandise Church (Membership Required)…he forgot that he is the devil with whom the deal was made. I am sure he has a picture of Ronald Reagan somewhere nearby. That is the Clubhouse of Deals.

Why so many bad people have kept this country down, and why so many great western nations have spent so much time and effort to keep a puppet regime in power is strange to me. A few very white and privileged people need to keep making their money. This seems to be strangest but truest answer we have at this point.

The long suffering of this land of Haiti, from the people who first came there with love, following ancient ceremonies, to the long strings of the Puppet Masters who will play out the "humanitarian rescue" of these suffering human beings..... and they will make even more money.

I wonder if Obama has even noticed?

Whose knife has the butter here?

I wonder why the MSM is so proud of all the photos of this suffering, pain and loss in Haiti, yet never show us a photo of Afghanistan or Iraq? Sure are a lot of photos of smashed people, thousands of them.

If I were looking for the devil, I would start at Rev Pat Robertson's house.

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