Twenty Ten

I find myself wondering.

WTF? Here on the little islnd it is a sunny 70 degrees. the flowers,which are in great abundance and variety, scent the air as the blue moon falls back down into a normal winter. Soon the local Pantesche will drink homemade wine all night and dance and eat in the stone caves they call "circles",something that was once true everywhere in Italy.

Things start to really quiet down around here about now. This is the warmest winter season I can remember. The lizards did not go to sleep this year. they usually climb into a deep hole until March, but the lizards did not sleep this year. A few new developments continue to encourage me that the Journey of this great bundle of the intentions of my tribal elders may reach another country this year. I don't run around and make much of a promotion for this work. It seems to require movement that is quiet, arising from the middle way. there is a lot of noise in the modern world. Anyway, the little sacred fire is a steady signal and we keep it going, sending up the news to the mystery life. In a noisy world that steady signal means something. the old Indians used to tell me, "if you do something, something will happen. If you try, something will change..."

...and some things have changed, looking more interesting and complete. I spent years following the sacred river to the sea. Today I am on the Great Sea, on the back of an ancient Turtle....the island of Pantelleria. I have ridden slowly in a circle just a little outside of time, not quite on the map of the paymaster.

A lot of the old teachings have been beaten down. One life can only hold these sacred mysteries for so long. If there is no one there, the way falls into the dust and so becomes dust. I inch forward towards eternity with this understanding. My arms are full. It is all right here before me.

Persons who may be interested in sharing their support to bring the Four Directions Unity Bundle to other countries of our world should feel free to contact me.

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