Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Emotions of Hope

I am here on the tiny island of Pantelleria. There are just 2 Americans here. Curiously, the people of the island pay little attention to the outside world. Even so, they all were pulling for Obama. It is hard to find the words to explain how much they hate george fucking bush....or how charming it is that they have embraced Obama. I am feeling a lot of emotion. I am proud of the country, of the people. We have grown up a little. We have become more open, more accepting of new possibilities.

While this new president has inherited a disaster, a group of tragedies made entirely by the ignorance and arrogance of george fucking bush, we cannot how such a positive wave of energy can affect everything that happens from now on. Positive energy is a magical force. it enters the body bone-deep and changes everything. yes, the whole world has changed in ways we can feel and ways we cannot yet imagine. underestimate

I stayed up all night using my old analog modem to get updates. Finally, about 5 in the morning my time the election was called for Obama. I went to sleep feeling different. Today moving around the little Italian island the emotions are more deep. they are a combination of relief and hope. A fullness of the heart that I know and respect and cannot contain or hold in reserve.

The many vulgar and insane things the opposition attached Obama with never stuck. It has been a long time since I have seen so many people resist and turn away from the poisonous bullshit of the dominant political forces that have disgraced the United States for so many years.

I watched a 105 year old black woman make her vote. Obama mentioned her in his speech of victory. Seeing the faces of the black Americans made me happy. I also look at Obama and see somewhere the old Indians. Maybe now, at this time, the American Indian might have a new opening, a healing and a sense of sharing and belonging which they have never had, not for one fucking day in this country....until now. The emotions I feel for people of color, for blacks, for Indians, for the kenyan people who see their tribal ancestor in this shining place at this shining moment. I am proud of the white people who never shouted out the poison of race....except for sick dogs like Rush Limbaugh or the Drudge Report. Rush Limbaugh I don't care if I spell his name right or not), a disgrace of human pig-ness and pathologic drug addiction. george bush seemed impressed, possibly even humbled a little at the revelations facing his own life at this moment.

Yes, a complete and complicated and far-ranging set of emotions have filled me up. The BBC had an automatically refreshing text messaging page online that worked with my dial up modem very well. So I read the incoming messages all night, finally hearing at my time of 5 am, after California was called for Obama that real change had won the day.

I am happy and hopeful and ready.

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