Monday, November 10, 2008

Correction Way || New World Ceremony

If you have lost something, you can retrace your steps and find it again.

In tribal life this is called “correction way”.

If you have lost your soul, it may be to late to apply a correction, John McCain.

If you have only lost your way, it is possible to make a correction from within yourself. The first step is to take responsibility for yourself and recognize how the choices you have made have either helped you or hurt you.

A good problem can be a tremendous blessing. Understanding that you may have a problem is a revelation. Accepting responsibility for the problem, you become immediately empowered with the possibility to solve it.

The United States has an opportunity to enter into a grand state of correction way blessings. This is in fact the best opportunity we have had in a generation. The dark face of corporate domination has shown us the dangers of ignoring the opportunity to make corrections.

The blog here is a process in the correction way adventure. It is a chance for a man like me to speak to you from american indian space on my own terms. The number of places on this earth where you can hear from an american indian on his own terms is very small.

Sometimes it is to late to fix what is wrong. The best you can hope for is recovery of what is broken and a new direction made from the ruins. It is never to late to keep going.

Many people base their life’s work on using the past as a kind of weapon to punish and harass those who are trying to go forward. This is a type of moral cowardice. It is exemplified by such useless dogs as Rush Limbaugh, a drug addicted narcissist leading a legion of sleep-walkers deeper and deeper into…nothing. Imagine that somewhere is a mother who gave birth to this piece of human garbage.

From somewhere, Americans in rather large numbers, a clear majority, actually stood up straight and looked change, and a new generation, in the face and opted for correction. It is the first time in many years, a lifetime, that so many have stood up for the unknown and the untested because it had the right feeling. They did this in the face of a mean name-calling machine that has pushed the limits of good taste and honest opinion to a breaking point.

Obama is not an American Indian. He has some tribal ancestors. Both in Africa and North America. I think a person is attached to the race and culture which has dominated their life. For Obama that is the African American culture, but also the new culture of the Multi-Racial Human Being. I am like that. I am part White, part Ojibway, part Catabwa, part Celtic. I love all those parts. Where I have lived and worked and grown and fallen in my life has been from inside American Indian culture. That is where I find my identity and my work. Obama was adopted formally by the elders of the great Crow Nation. Rather than expecting Obama to step up, I think it is time at last for tribal leaders to step up. American Indians have justified complaints against modern society. However, these leaders in tribal america must do their part. Time for them to step up.

Our sacred teachers tell us that the sacred truth can only take you halfway there. You have to come the other half yourself…on your own steam, standing up and eyes wide open.

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