Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coucil On A Volcano

Note: A sweat lodge on the rim of a smoldering volcano in Sicily

Silence is such a drag
An insult
Against the mystery life
A kind of death
Where we pretend we don't matter to each other
A lie told inside our minds
Because some things
For a moment
Just don't make sense
The silence of the women
Of the leaders
Of the children
Is not noble
It is only silence
Only in the dead world
Is this
Possible.......(Part 2)...singing
those song lines
it is impossible to lie
impossible to not reveal
what is true
impossible to hide
what must be known....and so we sing
those songlines
and reveal
always what is right
what is sacred
always what must be known
when it is time
to know what must be known
and so we sing
and our refuge is the song
the lines
we become children
of the light of what can be known
and the rest
resting there in your imagination
is not important

(the circle of light and life)

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