Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Armani, Obsidian, Pantelleria and Turtle Heart

Armani, the well-known Armani, has a well-known but very private home here on Pantelleria. I believe he has had this home here for many years.I have a firm feeling that he really loves this island. I have seen him walking alone in the village and he has the air of a man enjoying what he is breathing and seeing. I sense reflection. People do not bother him here. I hear no angry talk about him anywhere. There are many famous Italians here on Pantelleria.

Armani has teamed up with L'Oreal to make an expensive skin cream of which the primary active ingredient is the Obsidian of Pantelleria. This is a very interesting development. I wonder if he is pimping the island? I wonder if maybe, there is something in this soil of Pantelleria, something with good news for the health and energy of some of the people who come here.

I carve the stones of Pantelleria. I use diamond grinding tools and make sculptures of most of the volcanic stones that can be found here. There is a lot of obsidian in many of these stones. Pantelleria has so many stones that are black from the obsdian was called "the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean" in early literature.

The energy of these stones is quite powerful. The many people who have homes here have a passion for the island that clearly comes in some measure from the land itself....from its energies and colors. Yes, sometimes one piece of earth can be very different than another. This news may surprise some people, but yes it can happen. Pantelleria produces Capers and a unique fine grape for wine. If you slip and fall on the black obsidian beaches, we will have to take you to the hospital.

Armani purchased and donated an MRI Scanner for the little hospital. People richer than him, who also live here, have done far less. I would like to know what armani has found inside the obsidian. It is an expensive product.

The pure obsidian which at one time literally covered the island, is long gone. Most of all that remains are blends in stone of various degrees of obsidian and other stones typical to such a volcanic island. The dry composted "dirt" of Pantelleria in places does have a very high obsidian content. I wonder if Cleopatra knew about this? She sanctioned as a serious commodity of her empire the trade in Obsidian. Almost everybody has some prized obsidian sample around their homes here.

There is a thriving trade in small objects made of pure black Obsidian.....imported from Mexico. This perfect form of Obsidian has not been seen here for centuries. It is strange to see Obsidian from Mexico, probably carved in China, sold as a link between Pantelleria and Obsidian, in Pantelleria tourist shops. The island has archaeological protection and serious uses of the islands stones requires permits and documents. Surely Armani will not use so much Obsidian in his product? How many jars of Obsidian face cream does he hope to sell? Probably he is not going to use Mexican Obsidian and tell us it is from Pantelleria? Is the skin cream made in China?

It seems strange and magical.....obsidian powders in a skin cream....or... It seems arrogant and surely the rich think the rest of us are fools and will buy anything if it is well marketed. Armani is well marketed to say the least. I am not sure what the truth is. If he has a soul, then there must be something to this new use of one of the small treasures of Pantelleria. When I saw him walking alone on a cloudy winter day along the beach, I was convinced he had a soul. I could be wrong. I know the island has something, the American words are hard to find. I don't want to come off as being sentimental. Our little island has many treasures and gifts for the soul. I hope Armani does not carry to much of it away inside his expensive little jars of skin cream. I would like to try it, by the way. Maybe someone will send me some?

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