Trump: Vomit On Demand

It disturbs me that China pounds on all the tables and scowls every time someone wants to visit with Taiwan or Tibet. I like China in many respects. I like Chinese food and Chinese people on a very general but thorough level. On the other hand Fuck China. On the other hand DJT is showing dangerous signs of agitating the Great Chinese Money Machine.....this is a Machine that touches nearly every pocket.

Even so, and without apologising for the sentiment, it seems almost certain that Trump is going to really agitate China and something crazy will come about. From here it looks like Trump is going to stumble and lie and buffoon his way. He and his merry comrades. They are going to bring shame, disgust and possibly disaster into the world in entirely new ways.

Just around 25%, possibly less, of the voting population has foisted this debacle upon us. The true villains here are the 75% who did not get off their dead ass and vote, make a choice. You are probably also the very ones who would never read this blog. Yet I know you are out there and the innocent, what few of them there are, will pay the cost of your folly and indifference.

Then there is Putin. He has been insidious. He has managed to insert his fingers all over the world, most Americans, being so poorly informed, have no idea. He is having the time of his life. Vlad is stealing souls and bells are ringing all over the USA in the halls of the GOP and the new US Presidency. The demise of reason, with frequent commercial breaks, live, everywhere. On your TV, in your newspapers, on your mobile, deep inside your portfolio and the altars of your church. This: the rise of something vile, vulgar, and false.

A new US President who can be baited to folly by a random fart from far away. A man whose brain is filled with cockroaches. Cockroach that will grab your pussy if you have one, or ridicule your other parts if you do not. He will laugh at you if you are sick. Spit upon you if you are poor and step upon you if you have something he thinks he wants. He has a long history with prostitutes, gangsters, criminals, manipulators, hucksters, fixers, procurers and other members of the elite scum that feeds the darkness of the golden tower. Just think about that for a moment.

This week, like many people all around the world, I have watched the debacle of a bum’s rush at confirmation of one of the most vile circles of “cabinet” members ever proposed for an American President, ever. I have watched how people without souls, for their own self-serving reasons, like Condalesa Rice, have sold integrity and truth down the sewer to gain points with their GOP overlords. It seems the only rats who have not spoken from their holes in the dark ground are Dick Cheney and un-indicted war criminal Kissinger.

It is almost impossible to imagine, at this moment, how this disastrous election and the rise of a man as vile as Donald Trump is actually going to play out. Coupled with the stranglehold the GOP has on the government, it seems we are all in for an unprecedented journey through the sewers and shadows of the darkest kind, to Americas’s shame and the instability of a reeling world population.

Yes, maybe it will “all be OK”…..but I have never doubted that truth more than I do at this moment. He is a joker and a midnight poker. A fancy bird with wild feathers. People are so happy.

The only good that can possibly come in the next few years is how people with actual souls, consciousness and integrity fight back, push back and resist this incoming wave of invective, denial, suppression of basic human rights and decency. Pick a side? American voters are perhaps the most lazy, indifferent voters in the world, so I remain skeptical. There is some encouragement in the near certainty that millions of people all over the world are going to express their outrage on 20 January 2017.

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