White Walkers, GOP 2016 : Part Two

Bear In A Storm : ©2016 Turtle Heart

©2016 Turtle Heart

The zeal and passion of Trump supporters appears to also include brand loyalty. They say they will stick with their man in very high numbers. So far..

Looking in eight directions, I see shifting winds, new storms, gray apathy, surprises and no certain outcome. This period right now could in fact be one worthy of alarm. An actual cluster-fuck of possibly infinite chaos. When a mistake is made and repeated often expands from simple agitation into chaos as it is repeated and therefore magnified. Mr Trump is far more than just a mistake.

2012 sowed the seeds, arguably, for something very possible and very probable to shift and reshape itself in the GOP. An old astrologer might tell you that Pluto was right up in the middle of everything the GOP was about in 2012. Not knowing well what that means is exactly why the error was so able to advance to the pickle we have here right now. Something had to absolutely give in 2012. Either the GOP was going to man up and take its lumps, and honour the form of law and the oaths of office they aspire to, or they were going to shuffle along in the same old way (but that was impossible), or possibly change some of their core policies (not a single one), or break into bitter, invective fuelled factions, and thereby light a fuse that may destroy the party once and for all, as we have known it. There are voices that could suggest reason. However, one look at the Hon. Trey Gowdy, and his body language at the 2016 State of the Union, you know the whole tree is poisoned down to root and seed. That was a truly low picture for the southern cause. I am sure his donations increased as a result. That’s where we find ourselves. This sad picture is accompanied by the refrain; White People Blues. Instead of, yet again, somehow embracing and recognising the tens of millions of non-white voters in the USA, the GOP is once again doubling down on its singular faith in the white vote, and nothing else. 

I find myself thinking about the pending vote with conflicted feelings. I can not see myself voting for Bernie Sanders. He seems a fevered salesman selling his “plan”. The fever is what I find troubling. To what end? It would be impossible to vote for any of the GOP “candidates”. I will vote for Hilary Clinton if that vote is available. Baggage and all. With emails. From Benghazi if I have to. I won’t vote for anyone else. Maybe. Probably. But we should all vote. There may be no excuse for not voting if you can physically get out the door or mail an envelope. I will keep chewing on this bitter turnip until the polls open. I probably won’t know until they do. How I’m going to vote. I know, at least, that the democrats know how to count.

The books, film and tv are overflowing with dark stories peopled by distant heroes, sometimes, and villains all the more sinister for their absolute banality. Mr. Trump. Mr Cruz. Jeb!. A field of persons whose banality makes Chris Christy invisible and irrelevant. The error is multiplying. All across society. All the canaries in all the dark tunnels are dying.

HRC is, in fact, not very good at “campaigning”. A more correct way to say this is that, as a woman candidate, she has to be 10 times better at the campaign schtick than a man to get the same amount of credit. I wish she had the courage to, perhaps, not campaign at all. The whole “campaign” culture is pretty confusing, conflicted and polluted beyond repair, perhaps, by all the 3rd party millions of $ everywhere you look. We all know who she is, or think we do, at this point. It is possible that American society has become, collectively, so dumbed down that the “performance art” of campaigning has more sway than the actual content of the candidate’s soul and bones, ie., policies and ideas.

The situation for the GOP is transform, evolve, or die. The bad news is that, given the toxic way in which voting districts are drawn, by the white majority in those regions to favour themselves, the GOP will continue to win seats in government; nationally and locally. This part being the most shameful element of the entire story: the Voters. This factualism is why the term “White Walkers” so perfectly applies to the GOP as it now exists. Automationism among the Voter Class. People who cannot be persuaded by any means now known to stop voting for idiots on the Right. It is an unnatural condition, like the zombied White Walkers in Game of Thrones. My late father was one of these people. He always voted. Always voted GOP. No matter what. Many of the voters in this class actually prefer to remain factually uninformed on any and all the issues. The thing to do is Vote Republican. This is the entire formula by which, for example, Fox News is able to dominate information resources in America. They are fuelled, cheered on, by a corrupt, lunatic fringe of so-called "Christians" so far to the lunatic right that we now have the truly blind leading the blind to....exactly where? The "Evangelical Vote"..? My God, I can think of no people in America more toxic, more depraved than self-identified Christian voters. Yet these disturbed, sociopathic people, and their hysterical, deranged "leadership" appear to be the coveted, secret weapon on the imploding GOP. And proud of it. And Ted Cruz is their champion.

I do not want to know a person who would vote for The Donald. Or any person who tells me how "intelligent" Ted Cruz is. Just looking at such people induces nausea. I literally weep in frustration and dread at the possibilities for doom and chaos if one of these unrepentant ghosts should ascend to the Presidency: Donald “Quack Quack” Trump. It is perverse the way the main stream media covers Quack Quack Donald. Many of the MSM talking heads live and socialise in the “celebrity” circles. In that world The Donald (Quack Quack) is well known from TV shows, real estate hype, and so forth. They figure he is like them. Fellow celebrities. But they forget this “event” is for the US President. They don’t question, they don’t challenge, they don’t look beneath the surface…at all. They hunger for the ratings his presence brings. Desperately. And that is just sad. Sad for America. Sad for the world. But, great for the cause of the White Walkers.

Quack. Quack.

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