White Walker Chronicles: The (GOP) Zombie Class

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Editorial Content: The Republican Debates
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The Walking Dead, aka the Republican Party, have lined up, edge to edge on your monitor. Brains. Zombie Brains are said to be delicious, but fluffy (to much air) and unsatisfying (to much salt, no sugar).

The carefully engineered dominance of the political right across the entire country…its control of states, local governments…and its cost in the billions of dollars by a handful of white men…seems from a distance to be a virus, exactly like the virus that creates zombi society on our televisions. If you look at a big map, it looks like a blight, a massacre perhaps. Given the diverse history of the United States, it does not seem a natural act. Like the zombie invasion.

America whither goest thou upon thy golden elephant? 

I got out ten years ago. Just in time. But Italy, my new country, is not America. I miss peanut butter and New Mexico green chilli and buffalo stew. I don’t miss Americans. Not a single one.

Speech: Their speech is abysmal. It has the intellectual content of a 3 year old or a precocious dog. Who teaches these people how to speak? We know, in fact, that they do pay extravagantly for teachers and handlers who tell them such basic things as how to stand in place and make a complete sentence. They cannot, however, apparently, manufacture literacy or coherence in these standing suits. Ben Carson tells us he tried to hit his mother in the head with a hammer when he was a teenager? Is he telling us it does not even matter what candidates say? Body Language: Do you pay attention to the way Ben Carson waves his hands around? The way he bounces on his heels when he is talking? The jutting chip and pinched up shoulders of Bush?…the belligerent bully that Trump? Bobby Jindal? So many of these people demonstrate serious problems in their body language…but no one in the media pays attention to body language. Every network, in my view, should have consultants who advise them on body language. If you research even a little, you can see comparisons of how truly great leaders in history moved their hands and held their bodies when they spoke before the people. Compare the dignity and elegant stillness of Martin Luther King to the marionetted, completely weird movements of Ben carson’s body. Watching these people, listening to their dia-tripe, the unrelenting, overly detailed, slightly hysterical obsession of the media with a campaign more than one year away all . My root impulse when I see these candidates is a desire to punch them in the face. I would challenge anyone interested in figuring out who to vote for in the next election to watch, without sound, the body language of these candidates, all of them. Turn down the volume and just watch how they stand, how they move when they speak.The only two candidates who stand straight and seem to actually be inside their bodies is Hilary Clinton and Martin O’Malley. O’Malley; it is a calculated pose, something he practices and worked out. Maybe from watching Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones. It is not natural and if you watch him, you will see the calculation in his poses. Clinton is naturally straight and strong. She is a natural born dragon. I voted, in fact, way back then, for her husband, “Bill”, solely because he had this fine woman standing beside him.

White Walkers. No one wants to admit it, but there is very little that is black about Ben Carson. The absolute whiteness of the GOP candidates is stark. Their white-inspired values have driven the country to well known extremes of right wing thought and application. Logically it is a toxic, unsustainable philosophy. The absolute nature of reality demands compromise, accommodation, the middle way is the only way with an opening and these men without imagination show us exactly nothing. Imagination is how the soul itself explains life to the body, how reality is crafted into the art of life. The GOP is proud, crows like an over-dosed rooster, about its absolute lack of imagination, of a vision for sharing our humanity. How is it even possible that such men, and women, and traitors from other races, stand with straight faces, their pockets filled with cash, the world’s cameras and microphones attuned to their every word? The media itself has become quite hysterical. A year out and the main stream media outlets are into their fourth month of breathless, relentless, excluding all else coverage of every word and gesture of the political right. As if nothing else was happening in the world at all. I think if we went back and asked people, we would discover than thousands, perhaps millions of voters went for Bill Clinton because they had confidence in his wife.

It is painful. In my 60 plus years of following the United States, I have never seen anything like it…and I felt this way back when Mr Romney, that whitest of all the white walkers, ascended to the candidacy in 2012. Now it is even worse, even more bizarre It may be hopeless. A spiral downwards into a pit frothed with the narrow mediocrity and obscenity of Republican Ideas. It hurts my heart. I lament for all of humanity, it is to much work now even to become angry. Because I don’t see how it can change. I fully expect Hilary Clinton to be the next US President. And if the people of the waiting world witnessed the absolute contempt and disrespect of the Republicans toward the man of colour, Obama, I fully expect them to double down when the enemy of the GOP becomes, at long last, A Woman. The foreseeable future does not offer up much hope at all. 

Voters are they key to everything. If the voters would actually elect Democrats across all tickets, all across the country, locally and nationally, then yes, everything would change and change quickly. Americans might even like it. How likely is it that voters will recognise their power at this moment in history? I am not optimistic. The voter count, the percentage of the population that will get off its ass and vote is to small. Most intelligent analysis informs us that if all the voters who are actually registered would vote, the government would be filled with progressive leadership. People don’t vote. The percentage of people willing to actually vote is to small, almost criminally so. When I think of a bat shit crazy country like India, where nearly 100 per cent of the people who can vote actually do vote and look at America with 37 or 45 percent voter turn out, I feel only a hopelessness that is difficult to articulate, to overcome. Combine the low turnout of voters with the calculated and relentless suppression of the vote by the white walkers of the GOP and you have the full measure for the ingredients which make up what we now have, laughingly, as a government. No argues that the Congress and the Senate have become almost nothing. Not legislating. Not leading. Not fixing problems. Not taking this great country anywhere. We are on a narrow highway to nowhere.

“Ronald Reagan proved to Republicans that reality and facts don’t matter; it’s simply the story that matters. We know now, though it was carefully hidden at that time, that his mind was gone, that he was legally insane with degenerative brain disease through much of his presidency. Whether it’s global warming, trickle-down economics, weapons of mass destruction or Ben Carson’s personal history: if the fiction is entertaining enough, it overrides objective reality and becomes the tribal mythThat’s the only reason Fox “News” can continue doing business, and it will determine how a huge swath of Americans vote. I can’t express how much this terrifies me.”
…Randyman, a “Gawker” comment re: Ben Carson

I chose above just a random quote of some of the comments made online by incredulous observers. Two vile patterns are noteworthy…(1) Fear of Hillary. They have gotten millions of people to believe “she is a liar” just by saying it over and over, even though she is the most investigated person on earth, in the history of the earth, and they got nothing. (2) The Republican party is dominated by, and deeply infected by a sociopathic majority that has not even an idea about in what direction the truth actually resides, or what to do about it. Both of these extremes boast millions of advocates that stand with them with billions of dollars to give to that cause.

Jon Stewart where are you? We need him to explain, to guide us through this national cluster fuck of our American future. He could not have left us at a time when we needed him more. I can’t find the funny in this scenario. I wish I could write a commentary that delivers the perfect gu-faw moment, but I can’t. My humour and sarcasm have failed me, as well, just when I need them most.

In 1968 I was in the southern jungle of Vietnam when I found out Richard Nixon was elected as US President. I was discouraged. It was bad news for me. I wondered what the hell I was doing in Vietnam. None of those people had ever done anything at all to me. I could never see how they represented any interest to the United States. Yet here we were. Young men whose youth was stolen from them in the fields of war. Yet, now, looking back, Nixon was the Prince of Light compared to the GOP that we endure at this moment. We have moved on from Richard Nixon to Marco The Plastic Cuban” Rubio? Donald “The Bag” Trump? Mike “The Blubber” Huckelberry?

Zombies aspire to eat brains. We are witnessing a campaign by a political party for the most important job in the world. Where is the discussion about this world? Where is the exciting and brilliant vision for what we can all do together? It does not exist in the GOP. Only the hunger to eat brains, to score cheap tricks and “appear Presidential”…a ruse, a pose, a shuffling meat line of ugly bags of mostly water.

When Obama was elected US President, it broke the Republican Party. While one could argue that among the voters there yet exists those who seek and would support a “Republican”, the real truth is that there is no such creature. It has exploded into (stinking) fragments and the parts are nowhere near each other. Mending something so broken seems improbable. Yet that same broken machine dominates 37 or so state legislatures and both houses of Congress. Like Zombies with arms hacked off, they still have some power to be dangerous and destructive. It is broken the way a threatening, wounded animal is broken.

Only the mythical voter can change this bad situation. The Walking Dead know this so they suppress the vote, feverishly, obviously and without much effective resistance from The Reasonable People. If a true and actual majority of real registered voters would vote on November 7, 2016, everything would in fact to change. Those of us who are paying attention understand that the real majority of Americans support reason and cooperation.

Argh…! Capice?

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