Silence of the Waves : Shouting At the Sea : Wabeeno Calls Out Twenty Fifteen

Twenty fifteen. The Annual Predictions : 
I am not Charlie

Welcome to the Year of the Wild Mountain Goat
Rising six degrees of Libra and a moon in twenty of Taurus….

Air and Earth. Shiny rocks. Winds filled with grit and abrasion.

Slow moving, frantic patience.

Change? Yes. With lots and lots of shadows. And never enough Cleaners.

If Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh had a baby, it would be twins, they would grow up to be Ali Bhagdadi and Dick Cheney.

Phony Courage : The Bravado of the Clueless
Killing cartoonist avenges the prophet. Yes, that sounds about right. The 1.7 quazillion Muslims tell us “it’s not me”. Of course.
The emptiness. The new normal.
Having said that, I am, myself, not Charlie. Not in any way. I see no value at all in this work of vile cartoons, regardless of the so-called subject. That 12 or more human beings gave their lives for it is tragic even while it was predictable. I am not Charlie and I am not French. The French are overdosing on Charlie.

The Pope of Rome will continue to surprise. It is going to be dangerous. For him. The other World Leaders continue to snooze. He may in fact be in some danger. Perhaps his sheer audacity will protect him. The American Indians still get nothing from the Church of Rome. Francis is making canonization of a padre in California who brutally murdered, tortured and suppressed the kind and peaceful American Indians of California for many years. How can a mad who did these things become a saint? For the American Indians, it is still the same old Pope.

The “Imitation Game” contains perhaps evidence of the most damning revelation in modern times. Proof that our leaders, our generals, our saviors are all liars. All cowards. I don’t think it has really “hit home” yet. I am waiting. For the thunder to roll. Freedom weeps; hiding in a dark shadow. All alone. This shows no sign of slowing down.

The American Political Right approaches a line, of the clearly “unspeakable ignorance” that once was preserved against, in the democratic method. It is gone. We now know where “Mister going in his black shiny car in the night”….Gray is the new azure. The sky itself is turning against us. It would seem. No discussions. No debates. No agreements. No support. No services. No mercy. No facts: the No Platform of the GOP…

Saudi Arabia : Root of Moral Darkness: Hiding in plain sight. Untouchable.

Lots of bullets. Billions of them.

The Mother Earth continues to suffer. Every animal on earth is hiding and trying to survive humanity. Many more will lose the fight this year and go extinct. Meanwhile US Senator Ted Cruz is the Chairman of the Science group (or something similar). The Great Ocean cannot breathe. She is in an illegal choke hold.

The Truth is bolemic. Starving herself. She has Friends but they are in hiding, or silenced, or in prison. Or under contract to INC, the new God.

Turtle Heart : Pantelleria Island

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