GOP Steals the Golden Pot : Leprechauns Leap Into the Sea

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Warning: contents contains fuck, aggravation and angst.
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The Democratic Leadership failed the Democratic Voters in this cycle. Failed us bad.

....and Voters Just sat on their Ass and Did Nothing

While the GOP national policy debacle was refined and focused, it was also mirrored by all levels of the leadership…and followed down to the game on the street with voters. The democratic leadership had almost nothing to say. I saw no inspiring speeches by DW Schultz, Harry Reid, really nobody. The Clintons dissed all sitting democrats and pushed their own agenda.

Why was not every dollar and every voice united behind Lundergren-Grimes? Why? If the generals in the field and the money in the pockets of the money people, if all the democratic soldiers had lined up, McConnell would have been defeated, and this would have been a singular, significant and attainable possibility. Just think of it. The GOP sweeps to victory by McConnell is thrown out. How sweet would that have been? Those who really believe, or say they believe, in the Democratic Party have failed we the voters.

The Honorable Harry Reid must be replaced. Washerman-Schultz must be replaced. Whoever our leadership is around us needs to be confronted with the obvious failures of leadership. Very very few of the established Democratic base put their time, money and effort into this election.

The obstructionist, extremist, bat shit crazy policies of the GOP are despised by all reasonable people…and they continue to win victory after victory. And not surprising victories. Predictable victories. And our leadership remains powerless. Where are the real fighters, the bare-knuckle politicians who know how to bring it on?

The Great Big Fucking Lie

“The American People elected Repoublicans to run the country and stop the illegal behavior of Obama”…said in various ways, this posturing lie. The truth reveals that the actual American People do not support the GOP. They do not. The Republicans “won” by the money dumped into the laps of their suspiciously entrenched, manufactured base…they won because the lazy, frustrated and indifferent voters in the United States did not vote. They stayed home. The republicans, the old white ones in particular (pay attention) gave the GOP this situation. Minorities, women, young people all stayed away. From disgust. The dems were unable, in most cases, to inspire their base at all. This is Primal Political Sin in my view.

This is not “approval”…this is not “permission”…it is not a mandate about anything at all. It was a track that cost billions of dollars and a portfolio of lies unequaled in modern times.  It is Political Flim Flam. Drivel being posed as Revelation.

They are crowing, preening and perhaps some of them even believe this giant fucking lie. Almost certainly the MSM will tell us this lie hourly. Pardon “my French”, but Fucking Lie is the clearest way to express this fact. Republicans wil turn this lie into Gold, a new Mythology to be written on future statues of Alzheimer’s patient Ronald Reagan. This is real evidence of cultural dementia, this new force animating the Republicans.

These facts put the democrats to sleep. No one has come up with a catchy comeback to this fiction. None of the democrats seemed able to understand the opportunity they had.

I wonder if odds makers are calculating bets on how many times Boehner and O’Connell will repeat this lie to explain their contempt, obstruction, cowardice and elite classism to those same “American people”?

It literally brought tears to my eyes to see Alison Lundergren-Grimes fail to unseat the disgusting white male known as Mitch McConnell. If the democratic leadership and their money were even paying attention at all, had helped her, she would have won. There is no question about this. Her defeat rests squarely on the shoulders of democratic leadership.

The democrats re-elected their senate and house leadership. Fail. They should all be replaced. Voter turn out was the lowest in over 70 years.

So shame on you if you did not vote. You gave even more power to this fucking lie. Congratulations.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh !

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