Friday, July 04, 2014

Men With Guns : Don't Ever Trust Georgia

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One need only watch any random video of Middle eastern fighters, on all sides, firing automatic weapons into the air, to understand the vile ignorance and nearly pathological absurdity of such behavior. I am talking to you NRA.

The Georgia that gave us Newt Gingrich. And the Georgia that has yet to take him back. The Georgia that gave us Martin Luther King. The Georgia that has now given us "guns everywhere, every day".

A lot of my childhood was spent in Georgia. Near Augusta Georgia. I still have people from my mother's family living in Georgia. I went to my first whole roasted pig BBQ in Georgia. I stayed up all night with a charming black man, whose name I never knew. Together we made BBQ of a 200 pound pig. And sipped whiskey. Everything that man said to me is still in my brain, 50 years later. i was just a kid. he wasn't invited to the BBQ. My friends, that was a really incredible teaching, and a great feast that took place the next day with my nine uncles and 2 aunties.

I know Georgia pretty well. If you look at the photographs of young and middle-aged white men moving around with their rifles and pistols.....are these the faces of people you would trust with your children, your money, or your safety? If you are even a beginner at body language, what we have seen so far is a parade of near losers glowing under all the attention a gun has given them. Excuse me, if I must be excused...just look at them yourselves. they are on google, facebook, the international MSM. In lockets around the neck of Wayne LaPierre.

10 years ago I moved to a country where it is nearly impossible for an average citizen to have any sort of fire arm beyond a simple hunting rifle. They take knives just about as seriously. That country is Italy, and I am in the south of Italy. It is a place associated with the Mafia. And yes, the Mafia in its various flavors is quite well established. But there are not any guns really. Determined professional criminals and hard core survival-vet types can get weapons in any country in the world. Can't be stopped that situation. Ever. But aside from that, this is a truly non-violent, generally murder free culture. I like it. I have finally calmed down after 55 years of American Stress.

Can gun carrying citizens of Georgia be trusted? No way. Almost certainly this little NRA experiment is going to bite everyone in the ass.

Some part of me thinks it is a good idea to have a military grade rifle and a stash of ammunition. Just in case the apocalypse decides to arrive in my lifetime. Another part of me imagines the melting down of all of these guns wherever they may be...into almost anything else. In the Middle East there are so many guns, there must be many families hoarding massive firepower. They will never willingly give them up. Ever. Americans probably won't give theirs up either, at least not willingly. Brings us back to that apocalypse...

American Guns Everywhere People have not yet become as depraved as the men with guns in Africa and South America...there still seems to be actual laws that make it illegal to randomly fire the AK-47 you took to the shopping center to shop for groceries and beer. Is that the next step for the NRA...the right to discharge your military assault rifle into the air? If you can carry it, why can't you fire off a few rounds?

I don't miss the stress that comes from the continuously violent pressures of American Life. Not one bit. You all look quite crazy from over here.

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