Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making Heaven My Home : Goodbye Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou 
April 24 1928 everyday right up to   
May 28 2014.

a farewell poem 
by Turtle Heart, Ojibwe artist

“I am on my way to make my home in Heaven
I am on my way to make my home in Heaven”

She was always home, She was never alone
Wherever her dreams have carried her
She looked the world in its worldly eye
She remembered to thank God
Even when she waited alone
For the wind to carry her where her soul was born
Going home into the open arms of the earth
Going home through a gateway of hearts and bones
And sorrow and hope and courage
And just clarity and kindness
A sacred woman
Sacred woman who watched over us
As we stumble along in this dangerous world

Mother, won’t you remember me?
Mother, I am closer to that light
From the open eyed place where you found me
Mother my song is wrapped around me
And my heart growing inside of me
And my sorrow
My sorrow right now
Ready to become gratitude
Just that simple
Just that much love and respect
For where she was, who she was
And what she found out
When she looked at me
saw me looking at you

She told me Creation loves
everyone, she said our hearts are the same
our human hearts
the hearts of our children
the heart of our world
yes, speaking without thunder
and walking without shadows
she told me it was just like this
we are making heaven our home....

(©2014): Turtle Heart. Pantelleria Italy.

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