Solstice Twenty Thirteen: Winter

©2013 Turtle Heart. Eagle of Pantelleria flying
over the house 2 days ago...1 of 10 Eagles
living now on the island...

audio (ceremonial song at the solstice, 6:11 PM CET


an old indian
watches the sun set at the edge of the sea
as the bright moon carries up the new season
an open gate between
the light and the shadow of time
crying out, there is a song
he found carried on the wind
holding a simple feather
his dream turns to gold
as the world fills up with silence
twenty thirteen

my old friend and I…


the rain and the moon
the sea and the mountain
the dream and the shadow
of one season after another
we have found in just a moment
a song coming up from our spirits
our eye on what is in front of us
as winter rises
as the sun sets
my heart turns in a circle like this
and far away I feel you near
far away, right next to me
the dream we share 

Solstice Of Winter Twenty Thirteen

Turtle Heart
Pantelleria Island Italy

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