Friday, October 25, 2013

Anna Mae Pictou Aquash || Murdered by the American Indian Movement

For most politically aware American Indians, the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash by the leadership of the so-called American Indian Movement (AIM), and participated in by convicted murderer Leonard Peltier, is a well known, open wound.

The continuously clueless and lazy MSM occasionally runs stories about the AIM people. They never get it right. They never look beneath the surface. They never ask questions. Thereby the average reader never finds out any useful or accurate information about American Indians. We are the forgotten minority, three million of us. It seems like a large number but it is not. It is such a small percentage of the American population that we are nearly, in practical terms, invisible.

All these years later I am still hoping for arrests in her murder. Today I discovered photographs of her two daughters visiting her grave. These photos make me weep. Ana Mae was a sterling American Indian woman. Her murder illustrates with crystal clarity the contempt and rage cowards like Russell Means, Dennis Banks, the Robideaux brothers, the Bellecourt brothers, Leonard Peltier and all the other so-called men of the AIM leadership display towards American Indian women.

The daughters of Ana Mae speak out every day across facebook, across blogs and press releases about the cowards and liars who claim to be leaders in the AIM and other American Indian political movements. They are really courageous. With every line they post you can feel the loss they feel of loosing their amazing and beautiful mother. They are determined to never go silent, determined to ask questions every day, determined to call out the fools who operate the money machine and spin culture of the coward Leonard Peltier. These Sacred Daughters are the real warriors. But the MSM never talks to them. They like to talk to a flatulent Dennis Banks who has done nothing for anybody but continues to be a celebrated “leader” by the MSM.

It is rather sad that those few times when the media decide to tell their readers and viewers about American Indians it is more often than not about these scam artists from the ancient history of AIM. I have spent years and years of my time visiting American Indians all over the USA. I frequently meet American Indians who have no idea who Russell Means, Dennis Banks or Leonard Peltier is. But they all know and feel Ana Mae Aquash.

I invite readers to use their favorite search engine and search her name. See what you can find out. You will find a lot of links. Very few of them will be from MSM sources. Do your own investigation. Find out what happened and what people are saying about it.

For me, today, finding these photographs, I went into a very emotional space. A space where I remembered…..everything. A space where time has frozen and never moved forward. A space where questions are still waiting to be answered, a space where cowards are yet waiting to be held accountable.

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