Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equinox Twenty Thirteen

©2013 Silvia Santi: Dream with a Raven

September 22 Equinox Twenty Thirteen:
Opening the Human Heart.

Four times each year the mother earth opens her heart into deep gateways called the solstice and equinox.

Modern people have forgotten how hard humanity worked for thousands of generations to know when these moments would arrive. Humanity no longer remembers why our ancient ancestors did that.

The old American Indians would call the equinox and solstice “Gateways”. Capital “G”. A way of passage. Going from one place to another place. Modern people do not do that either. They stay where they are. Maybe that is OK. After so many centuries, humanity in its modern form has stayed where it was, where it was.

Inside the house of the paymaster, a solstice or equinox is just another day to do business.

To the old Indians, a Gateway has eight sides. All sacred ideas are eight-sided. A human being trying to understand this is called “an eight-sided person”, or, a person who has an “eight-sided character”. Only people who are know to have an eight-sided character are permitted or endowed with the rights to hold sacred ceremony and carry sacred objects.

The human heart has four gateways, called chambers. Four Gateways, Four Chambers. Modern people don’t think there is a connection. Probably it is something they never think about.

When I think about the sacred of the old Indians, the first idea is always about the human heart. How do we open it? How do we protect it? How do we heal it? How do we empower it? How do we learn how to use it and believe in it? These are the questions that come up inside the old sacred ceremonies of equinox and solstice. These are ancient questions. Honest questions.

A good gateway has a “key”. The old Indians tell us the key to the Gateway is in fact the human heart. The eight-sided key to the human heart might look like this:

Effort (Doing Something)

These sacred forces have been at the root of every hero, every saint, every savior, every great leader, every act of courage….and absent in evil people, corrupted in damaged societies. Their presence ensures prosperity and joy…their absence leads to desperation, death, oppression and failure. Sickness and evil. Cowardice.

The human heart can be opened and made truly great by applying these eight sacred properties. Many ancient ceremonies of ancient people were designed to invoke, refine and develop these qualities. They are the root, the foundation, and the fruit of all ancient tribal ritual.

Today, these Gateway Ceremonies of the American Indian are often called “correction ceremonies”. They are an opportunity to evaluate, assimilate, adjust, polish and deepen. These qualities were present in the original instructions that came with and was brought forward by the religions of humanity. All of them.

Today the religions of humanity, like modern people, no longer remember these things. The churches of the world have become multi-national corporations. Corporations are not people, my friends. They are instruments of the paymaster. They are temples to the parking meter. They have only one side. Flat. This is why they no longer work very well. This is why they have become a refuge for pedophiles, favors, contracts and something called political influence.

The sacred Gateways of equinox and solstice are mighty doors, and they are locked, unbreakable. They can only be opened with the key, the eight-sided key. That is the only way you can open them and pass through. Everyone is given this key when their bodies arrive on the earth from the wombs of their mothers. If you look carefully in the mirror you will see that this is the truth. It is right there.

No one can pass through for you. A priest cannot do it for you, or a president or a godfather. We pass through one by one. By our own efforts. There are no lines to wait in, no fees to pay, no permits are required. You are there, or you are not there. There are no apps for that. There are no discounts. It requires no technology, not even an education.

You do not have to travel to the gateway. You are already there.

6 billion human beings live all alone
inside a world with no prince
drifting in a sacred mother ship with no captain
dreamless throughout the night
our churches filled with rage and indifference
our governments stuffing the cash in their pockets
while children without food or hope
cry themselves to sleep
where our elders stand with their hands in their empty pockets
inside a dirty sky, filled with smoke and oil
standing at the shores of the great sea
stinking and burning from the black money
of the paymaster
as birds fall from the sky
and dead sea animals float to the shore
twenty thirteen
another gateway in the mystery life of time
the sacred doors broken
closed and deserted
the silence screams
the hard works pays nothing
and the food we eat is trucked in
from big steel buildings
the seeds owned by lawyers and empty men
dressed in gold and resting on silver
no one looks back to remember who we were or where we were going
the sun never sets and the moon never rises
the shadows grow longer, and longer still
and no one wants to look in there
so the shadows grow and grow

i was there looking into the darkness
I was there remembering where I was going
I remembered where I had been
my heart was holding a song, so i sang it
my dreams were carrying me, like a great wind
my hands were open and the earth was holding me
and in the darkness I wept
i have come so far
but nothing has changed
and it is easier and safer to stand still
and not risk moving forward
in case the police decide to shoot me dead

yes my friend
when I look in the eight directions
with my eyes open
my heart beating
my feet on the earth
I pretend to believe we are all good people
we are all doing what we need to do
we have peace in our heart
we are not against the others who are not like us
we hold our families close
yet my eyes cannot close
I cannot stop seeing the shadows growing
I cannot hear 
the prayers of god

Equinox Mudjeekwas
9:44 pm CET, Pantelleria Island

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