Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mormons, Catholics and the American Indian Experience || Oppression Through Faith

Sadly, for American Indians, the history of the Mormon Church’s destructive programs directed for generations against American Indians is apparently unknown. Romney, the Romney males, the father and grandfather, as ranking officers of their faith have supported and formulated the Mormon programs targeted at American Indians.

For generations, decades, Mormons systematically removed, by various means, American Indian children from their tribal families and communities to raise them as Mormons. One of these severely brainwashed children, for a time, was the central American Indian of the Federal government, overseeing all American Indian programs. Heralded as a great breakthrough in the high appointment of an “American Indian”, this man, Larry Echo Hawk, after a very short time, proved he knows nothing about his own ancestors and communities, leaving his elevated federal position to become a high-ranking officer for the Mormon church…not American Indians, but the Mormon church. His distaste and incompetence in actually meeting with and understanding American Indian questions was proven very quickly. He is solidly a Republican…a member of the New Extreme Bat Shit Crazy Political Right.

American churches like to promote their humanitarian assistance to tribal communities. The poorest communities in America are more often than not American Indian reservation communities. Yet, the price for their “assistance” requires that they not speak their languages, wear traditional dress, or, in particular, conduct their ancient, honest religious ceremonies and beliefs. Yet, nowhere is this suppression of tribal identity more polished, quiet and persistent than i8n the Mormon community.

Visit this blog space, American Indian Media Research, and go through the details of the poverty, violence, unemployment, abuse, rape, suicide and chaos on American Indian reservations.

The Salt Lake Tribune this week endorsed Obama for United States President, over its most famous Mormon resident, on Millard Romney, Mormon Bishop. Yet, one cannot but worry what a Romney presidency might look like for American Indians.

Romney is wearing a mask. A Coyote Mask. He works, rather desperately, to convince voters that he is not against women, Latinos, Black Americans, American Indians, the working poor, and students struggling for an education. Because of the miracles of technology and the art of Spin, he has fooled many people, hiding his empty soul behind this mask. 

It is also true, that the rabid, racist political right, championed by the Lord of the Southern Racists, Mitch McConnell of the US Senate, would vote in an “empty chair” against the first African American/American Indian US President. Yes, do not forget that Obama is part American Indian and was formally adopted by the great Crow Nation in 2008. This adoption by that tribe is a very serious, ancient, highly respected sacred ceremony. It is not something done casually.

The best we can hope for in a Romney presidency is that he will rubber stamp all the extreme proposals of the extreme right….breaking unions and workers rights, lowering the basic wage, blocking access by women to health care, rolling back affirmative action, making abortion and even contraception illegal, raising taxes on the working poor while lowering taxes on the insanely rich, and on and on….Romney and his Mormon faith present the most depressing, oppressive, reactionary collapse of the great American Opportunity than any high public official in my lifetime, at the very least. And this is the best case scenario! At the other end, he may propel us into a deadly war with Iran and foster the complete collapse of the American economy.

The political right, in the most vivid and scary detailed view possible, have shown that they have no hesitation to destroy the economy, the environment and world peace if it means getting a black man out of the white house.

Somehow, in the face of these toxic lies, the Coyote Candidate stands a chance of winning this election. Yes, this seems utterly incredible.

I hope all  of Americans, when it comes down to the day of the VOTE will understand what is at stake here, understand how dangerous and fatally flawed and just rotten the GOP is, from its Presidential candidate, to its Tod Akins Allen Smith (a black man wearing a white fascist mask).

On the 21st of October, the so-called Pope of Rome is making an American Indian an official “saint” in the catholic Church. Tens of thousands of American Indians are opposed to this insult to tribal culture. Even more than the Mormons, the effect the Catholic Church has had on American Indians is tragic and brutal. The Vatican still has on record a Papal Bull which states that American Indians have no souls. This was signed by the Borgia Pope so that American Indians could be sold into slavery. It has never been rescinded. The history of oppression, murder, and violent conversions of American Indians by the Catholic Church is one of the great shames of history. Like most issues affecting American Indians, it is an invisible fact among the MSM. Not one media outlet ever considers talking to American Indians to see how they feel about these issues.

From the political right, to the Vatican, to the halls of Federal Government, the oppression and abuse suffered by American Indians everywhere in the United States is of no interest, and receives no attention. It seems little has changes, as America positions a Mormon to be US President, and a distant, deeply disliked Pope insults American history by exploiting yet another American Indian, the MSM, whom we hope to believe keeps us informed, has nothing to say. Nothing at all.

American Indians have their own ancient and honorable religions. Like every other issue related to American Indians, this fact is invisible to American society.

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