Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dennis Banks || A Good Day To Go Ahead and Die Please

Dennis Banks, the coward and criminal who allegedly co-founded the criminal organization know as AIM is once again taking his flim-flam show on the road. He is touring around with screenings of his fictional film, curiously entitled “A Good Day To Die”, which claims to be about “his” life.
Banks is the guy who ran like a rabbit in the middle of the night, leaving his then pregnant wife standing in the middle of the street to deal with the Highway Patrol. She has testified in court, since then, that Banks has some involvement in the murder of Ana Mae Aquash.
For years Banks hid in the shadows of a New York Reservation, protected by the Iroquois, while his associates were discredited as liars and criminals in various courts around the country.
Naive Americans are so desperate for some sort of symbol to represent the suffering of American Indians. Every few years they dust off Banks and send him around to do his self-serving best to define himself as a hero to yet another collection of poorly informed and clueless Americans.
You never see Banks with any of the other so-called cofounders of AIM. This is because they all despise each other. No one wants to be seen with Russell Means and the last surviving Bellecourt refuses to be seen or associated with any of these people.
For more than 30 years Banks has been living off, and making money from the lies built around the so-called AIM movement of the 1970s. With Means half dead from cancer, Banks is the only relic of this myth left alive to pander and pose.
Banks has no credibility with the majority of American Indians, at least the ones that are sober and work for an honest living. More than anything, Banks symbolizes the complete lack of reliable and honest information available in this modern world about American Indians.
Film makers are just to lazy to go out into American Indian communities and find the real American Indians who struggle every day in honest ways against the suppression, abuse and neglect of society. For all these years they keep telling this tired story of this tired old man, as if it were the only story worth knowing about the more than 500 tribes of American Indians who live in these United States.
Every day is a bad day for American Indians in this country. This latest project by Banks is just more salt in the open wound that American Indians must suffer every day. It is tragic that once again this old man is making a living from the lies and delusions of that time. The American Media seems to know only one story about American Indians, and they have never even gotten that one story right. This man’s life is an insult to the many heroic and determined American Indians who struggle in this society to make their lives work, in their communities, invisible to the society which surrounds them.

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