American Indian Saint? || No Thank You


As an Ojibway American Indian I hope that the Mohawk Nation will consider refusing this dubious honor. 

Given the murderous, genocidal policies and abuse of American Indians by the Catholic Church, it is in my view an intense hypocrisy of the church to make this move. American Indians have their own traditional religions that continue to exist even today. Tribe do not need any favors from the Catholic Church. The absolute best response of the American Indian community would be to refuse this phony honor. 

This is especially true these days with this so-caled Pope sitting at the head of a corrupt criminal organization. Not one American Indian will receive any benefit from this move. The church will use it to excuse and ignore its centuries of abuse towards all indigenous peoples in the world. The Borgia Pope was the boss there when the Europeans first encountered American Indians. He issued a Papal Bull that these tribal people had no souls. He did this so they could be sold as slaves, which they were....since having no souls meant they could not be baptized...and at the time baptized Christians could not be sold as slaves. From that day until this, the Church has done what amounts to nothing for any Indigenous People. Benedict in fact has argued that traditional tribal religions are toxic and have no value and should not be recognized or tolerated by governments. To most American Indians, this is just pouring salt into a wound that has yet to heal.

I may be one of the few people who feel this way, I am not sure. In any event I wish there was some way to address the Mohawk Nation and see how they feel about this news. The MSM seems to indicate that the tribe is very happy and excited about this news.

There is an opportunity here for all American Indians to weigh in. The entire world is hearing about this story, as it is a singular event. This would be a great moment for tribal leaders, for any and all tribal voices to speak out and even have a chance of being heard on a wide range of issues.

Along with languages, original tribal religions really have suffered greatly in the last decades. Many of the smaller tribes have lost both language and traditional religion or spirituality. Across the board, every American Indian tribe has seen their traditions pushed to the side by the onslaught of modern life and from the efforts of relentless Christian missionaries who yet labor to save the savages.

The few reports I have read from various sources, such as the lame and weak Indian Country Today are celebrating and heralding this move as good news. I guess they are just starved for attention.

If any American Indians from any tribe read this blog, I would welcome their comments. I am not against anyone who is for this move by the Catholic church.

However, let the record show that, as a Keeper of Sacred Ceremony, I am against it.

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